Tampa Bay Business Benefits of Social Commerce

Tampa Bay Business Benefits of Social Commerce

Tampa Bay Business Benefits of Social Commerce1280960 Kraus Marketing

Is Your Tampa Bay Business Looking to Use Social Commerce?

Social commerce can be an excellent tool for your Tampa Bay business to include in its marketing strategy. Before we go over the benefits of social commerce, let’s first define it:

What is Social Commerce?

Social commerce is the integration of social media platforms and an e-commerce experience within one platform. Simply put, it is the buying and selling of products and services through a social media platform.

Social commerce has been rising in popularity for a while now and is expected to continue growing. In fact, according to research conducted by Influencer Marketing Factory, the amount of US social commerce shoppers grew 25% in 2020 and is expected to grow another 13% by the end of 2021.

Let’s explore the different social platforms that are utilizing social commerce.

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Different Social Commerce Platforms


The most popular social commerce platform is Facebook due to its large user base of over 2.85 billion people. The platform was also the first to integrate social commerce into its business strategy and after only one year, there are more than 1 million active Facebook Shops and over 250 million people are interacting with them.


Instagram is the latest platform to integrate social commerce into their platform. The social platform replaced their “Activity” tab with a “Shop Now” page that features all different brands and allows users to make purchases through this tab.


This visual platform allows its users to pin images and links from thousands of sellers, and now users can make purchases directly through their site.

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Benefits of Social Commerce

Still debating whether or not to integrate social commerce into your brand? Check out these three business benefits.

1. Drives Engagement

By participating in social commerce, brands have the opportunity to interact with their customers directly. Customers can like, comment, and tag their friends and family, which boosts overall engagement.

2. Fosters Brand Loyalty

People rely on word of mouth and personal experiences when determining which brands they want to purchase from. As a result, social commerce provides customers a platform to share their experiences and encourage others to make purchasing decisions.

3. Seamless Checkout Experience

Social commerce allows for an easy checkout experience since it’s all in-app. This is especially true for mobile users as many e-commerce sites still lack optimization for mobile consumption.

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