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Tackling Facebook Promotion for Local Businesses

How to Use Everything from Videos to Events to Attract Local Customers on Facebook

Are you tired of the new chain in town stealing the spotlight from your Mom and Pop shop?

Before, word of mouth was all you needed to promote your local business but that was before the Internet, cell phones, and social media.

Now, in order to catch the attention of your community, you need to have an engaging social media presence. Word of mouth has turned into word of likes and shares.

We know—running a local business leaves little time for adding anything onto your plate. But look at it this way: investing your time in Facebook promotion for your local business will help keep your business busy.

Not sure where to start? Below are our top five tips for using Facebook to promote your local business.

  • Local Pages

Your Facebook page’s admin(s) can set this up, and it will allow you to specialize your promotion based on the needs and preferences of your locations’ communities.

  • User-Generated Content

Your business is local, and it’s the community vibe that your customers love. One surefire way to get the attention of your community is by sharing user-generated content.

For example, you can host a contest that requires participants to take a picture with one of your products while using a certain hashtag, then share the entries and have the community vote (via like, love, and laugh reactions) on their favorite. Not only are you getting customers involved but you’re also exposing your business to all of their Facebook friends.

Take it one step further by utilizing pictures with real customers in your regular posts. Just make sure to get permission for every photo you use! Check out our reasons for using custom photography here.

  • Facebook Ads

We know what you’re thinking—you’ve never spent money on advertising, save maybe sponsoring the local t-ball team, and you don’t really have the budget for it anyway.

Thankfully, Facebook ads are targeted to reach the community you want to reach—local men, local women, local teens, whatever you choose—and you can spend what you want up front. Tell Facebook how much you want to spend, and Facebook will share your posts as much as your budget allows.

Take it one step further by using videos in your ads. Video Facebook ads are more visually stimulating. Just keep in mind that people usually watch videos without the sound on, so have proper subtitles or graphics to get your message across.

  • Facebook Live

Facebook live is a great way to get videos on your page without the hassle of editing. Easily promote events, sales, specials—you name it. Utilizing Facebook live provides a direct way to engage with your customers and promote your brand.

Take it one step further by posting about your upcoming live video. Telling your customers in advance when the Facebook Live will be, as well as any special guests to expect or the exciting location where you’ll be broadcasting from, gives them a chance plan their schedules accordingly.

  • Create an Event!

No, we don’t mean plan an elaborate soiree in your local pizza shop (unless that’s what you’re into—then by all means, go ahead!).

A Facebook event is a great way to promote the out-of-the-ordinary, such as restaurant week, a seasonal product shift, and yes, actual events (business anniversary party, anyone?). Not only will Facebook send reminders to those who RSVP’d but it will also make the RSVP show up in the customer’s feed, alerting their friends of the upcoming event.

Take it one step further by boosting, or promoting, your event. Just a few dollars can go a long way!

You don’t have to break the bank or abandon all business responsibilities to utilize Facebook in promoting your local business. Investing time—and perhaps even a few dollars—in Facebook promotion is one way to maintain that word-of-mouth success in our digital world.

Would you love to give Facebook promotion a go, but don’t have the time or resources? Don’t fret- simply contact Kraus Marketing today. Our social media experts will develop and implement a campaign that fits the needs of your local business, so you can put all your energy into what you do best: running your community’s best local establishment.