Podcasting: An Effective Content Marketing Strategy?

Podcasting: An Effective Content Marketing Strategy?

Podcasting: An Effective Content Marketing Strategy? 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

Can Podcasting be a Beneficial Content Marketing Strategy?

According to The Content Marketing Institute, a content marketing strategy is a clever marketing tactic that focuses on creating valuable and relevant content for a brand’s target audience. Unlike traditional marketing forms, content marketing allows brands to highlight themselves while also appealing to what their audience is searching for.

Traditional marketing methods such as ad pop-ups, banner ads, and expensive commercial placements can bombard audiences and have more negative effects than positive ones. In fact, 40% of all internet users have adblockers to avoid this specific form of marketing. This is where the appeal of a content marketing strategy comes in. By creating relevant and specific content that your audience is seeking out, you can showcase your brand while appealing directly to your consumers’ needs.

What are the Benefits of a Content Marketing Strategy?

Boosts Website Traffic

It’s no secret that Google loves quality content. Your chances of ranking higher in the search engine results page (SERPs) are boosted by creating valuable and informative content. Google aims to please its users by creating a seamless searching experience that delivers its users with quality content. Therefore, creating good content and optimizing it will help with your search exposure.

Amplifies Brand Awareness

As mentioned above, when your brand ranks higher in the SERPs, more visibility is brought to your brand. Additionally, quality content that proves to be useful is more likely to be shared on social media and boost social media engagement

Grows Social Media Following

Content is only valuable when shared. Therefore, your brand must continually share, highlight, and promote its content on social media to gain more followers and reach new audiences.

Drives Sales

Along with boosted brand awareness, high follower counts, and strong SERPs rankings help drive sales. When your brand creates content that promotes all of these things, website traffic will increase and ultimately lead to sales.

Fortifies Customer Relationships

Arguably, one of the most important benefits when creating relevant content is to appeal to your consumer’s needs and build lasting relationships. Instead of bombarding your consumers with “buy this – but that” ads, create content that the consumer can relate to. This will make them feel valued and appreciated.

Is Podcasting an Effective Content Marketing Strategy?

According to Podcast Insights, a podcast is all of your favorite blogs, shows, and topics wrapped up in a huge hub of recordings that you can explore, download, and listen to on your own time. As mentioned above, content marketing aims to bring quality content to its audience. Therefore, adding a podcast that incorporates many forms of traditional content marketing could prove to be very valuable.

The Benefits of Adding Podcasts to your Content Marketing Strategy

It’s Currently on Trend

Listening to podcasts has become increasingly popular throughout the last year. Hoping on this trend can be an excellent way to appeal to your consumer’s desire to listen to a podcast while also highlighting your brand.

Cross Medium Potential

Creating a podcast can lead to the use of several different mediums. People can record podcasts and upload them to YouTube and Instagram Live, and release a transcribed article of the podcast for their blog. This can lead to many different mediums being utilized to benefit your brand.

Exposure to New Audience Segments

As mentioned above, podcasting is becoming very popular. Many people are seeking out new content to listen to on a daily basis. By starting a podcast today, you can expose new potential customers to your content and grow your target audience.

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