Social Media Agency Tampa: Important Marketing Tactics

Social Media Agency Tampa: Important Marketing Tactics

Social Media Agency Tampa: Important Marketing Tactics 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

Social Media Agency in Tampa Shares the Importance of Digital Marketing

As our world grows more digital every day, businesses continue to migrate to the internet. Not that many years ago, a company’s internet presence was limited to a website, and today a lack of social media presence is detrimental to a business. Even if a business is doing well without a digital presence, they are still missing out because that business limits itself to one location. Think of all the potential customers one could be gaining from a fantastic online presence.

To draw inspiration from a recent and ongoing event- let’s look at the COVID-19 pandemic. A strong digital marketing campaign was able to help people do business and create sales during a time of social distancing and closed brick and mortars. This helped businesses stay afloat. Social media may have been one aspect of their digital presence, but its efforts are limitless. So- why should you consider investing your efforts in the latest social media agency to enter Tampa?

The Importance of Social Media Today

First of all, social media is BIG! Facebook has 2.8 billion users, Instagram has one billion users, and those little guys like Twitter only have 330 million users. Not having a social media presence today, is like not having a storefront ten years ago. All of these websites have specific algorithms, different demographics, with different capabilities. It’s a big digital world that may even make your head will spin a little bit, so outsourcing to social media specialists lets you gain access to these digital markets while you focus on running your business.

Benefits of Social Media

An amazing aspect of social media is that it is so easy to advertise to the right people. If a business bought a billboard in Tampa, that business has no control over that billboard, just hoping the right people are going to drive past it on their way to work. A social media agency lets businesses advertise to exactly who they want to sell to.

Let’s say you wanted to reach Tampa’s 18-30-year-old population for your new restaurant and night-club. The best way to reach those people would be through social media, because that’s where young people are, and your advertisement will be placed consistently with that demographic. Finding what platform works best for your audience, what times they are online, and what type of content holds their interest will all help you run the most effective campaign.

Since social media gives the entrepreneur and business owner so many options, a business can reap special benefits from each campaigns. Some businesses just want to put the bug in people’s ear, and that’s very doable with paid ad campaigns as advertisements can show up in a target audience’s feeds the same day. However, social media has an even greater advantage than affordable advertisements, and that advantage is community.

People can engage with a page on social media, scroll through posts, read blogs, comment, like, share, etc. Each social media page can be a forum between a company and their consumers, this is the true game-changer of social media, and when pages interact with their base, it creates a sort of relationship between the two of them, creating stronger brands in the process. In some cases, having fewer followers with higher engagement is better for the business than vice versa.

Invest in Your Marketing

It’s easy to see how a Tampa social media marketing company can take a business well beyond where it was before, but these are strange times after all, and many businesses are risk-averse at the moment while looking to save money. Spending money on marketing may not seem necessary but keep in mind that investing in good marketing is a wise investment. Marketing makes sales happen. It drives new business, maintains the current business, and gives a company perspective on where a company is, where it’s going, where it wants to go.

Why Kraus Marketing?

Kraus Marketing is an integrated digital marketing agency, offering a variety of digital services such as social media marketing, email marketing, branding, search engine marketing, and website design. Kraus Marketing is focused on understanding our clients’ needs and crafting a strategy to fit. We are an award-winning company with a creative and success-driven culture. We win when our clients win. To learn more about our services and expansion to the Tampa area, contact us today!

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