LinkedIn Tools Will Include New AI Implementations to Improve Career Candidate Matches

LinkedIn Tools Will Include New AI Implementations to Improve Career Candidate Matches

LinkedIn Tools Will Include New AI Implementations to Improve Career Candidate Matches 1280 928 Kraus Marketing

The Updated LinkedIn Tools Needed for Their Recruiter Platform

If you’re in the process of looking for employment or recruiting potential employees, chances are you’re using a platform such as LinkedIn. The days of walking from opportunity to opportunity with a decked out resume in hand are behind us. While using the appropriate tools to build a presence and resume online are essential for would be employees, companies seeking out candidates should also utilize what’s available to them.

Out of all the professional network platforms available, LinkedIn, now housing more than 600 million members, is where your professional self goes to shine. As a company, finding the right person to fill a position can be daunting. Fortunately, job platforms are beginning to do their homework as they recognize the need to create meaningful matches between recruiters and candidates. Let’s examine some updated LinkedIn tools that are making this process easier.

All-In-One update

LinkedIn Recruiter has now erased the need to bounce from platform to platform. In the past, recruiters have had to find the perfect combination of tools online to find accurate matches, which is not only costly, but time consuming. Now, you have the ability to navigate candidates, examine media leads, and communicate with applicants all in one space.

AI tool update

Understanding the frustration of receiving hundreds of applications and profiles, LinkedIn has begun to implement an AI sorting tool that can create more purposeful matches. Using platform data and usage trends, LinkedIn is picking up on your behavior and taking note of the kinds of candidates you most frequently engage with. An algorithm can now detect your past preferences of skill sets and certifications, using these characteristics for future searches. Once an interest is built, the feedback is instantly recorded and used with subsequent results. LinkedIn has already seen an improvement in performance by 20 percent with this update.

Call to Action update

We know how crucial a Call to Action (CTA) can be for a business. While recruiters are doing their part to find potential job hunters, there’s no reason why their current employees can’t help out too. LinkedIn has now implemented a tool in which employees are able to share available positions at their current place of work. And since almost 70% of candidates find employment where they know at least one person who works there, this looks to ensure that this communication tool will be very profound.

Communications stream update

While instant messaging isn’t anything new, LinkedIn has improved their communications stream by allowing you to find anything you need pertaining to one candidate at a time.

Your messages are no longer mixed in with one another but displayed by each candidate, should you wish to navigate the platform this way. LinkedIn has also improved the procedure in which you communicate with candidates if there has been an unsuccessful match or rejection of employment.

With all of this put into place, you can see how significant your search behavior is for the generation of meaningful results. This goes hand in hand with painting the best picture of your business and outlining your expectations when it comes to finding quality team members. Is your networking online presence in need of a little fine-tuning?

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