How Video Content Marketing Can Transform Your Business

How Video Content Marketing Can Transform Your Business

How Video Content Marketing Can Transform Your Business 1280 853 Kraus Marketing

5 Kinds of Video Content Marketing to Incorporate in Your Social Media

In the last few years, video content marketing has become such a powerful tool for digital marketing. It is visually appealing and provides insightful information to viewers through a more attention-grabbing type of media.

Keep in mind, you are trying to explain a lot of information in a few seconds. But when you do it well, you see higher engagement and build a better relationship with your audience. Here are five videos types you should incorporate into your social media marketing strategy going forward:

Live Videos

If you have a large following, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and Instagram Live make it easy to connect with your audience. Live streaming lets you dialogue with your users. Longer live videos can be a way to learn more about your followers through Q&A sessions and direct chats. Live videos are most effective for announcements, behind-the-scenes looks, giveaways/contests, and product information. Since the video is real-time, followers will feel it’s more authentic and gain a sense of comfortability with your brand.

Before you go live, be sure you prepare beforehand. Unlike regular videos, there are no do-overs. Once you are live, your audience will see the “final” product. Make sure you test your live video setup to make sure all your technology works.


Tutorial videos need to be clear, insightful, and entertaining. They need to be long enough to showcase every step, but short enough to be engaging. The most crucial information needs to appear in the first minute, while the total video shouldn’t be longer than a few minutes.

Not everyone has access to sound when scrolling through social media, so some tutorial videos will require captions. Make sure you have a clear call-to-action at the end of the tutorial video.

After the video is up and running, remain active in comments or direct messages so you can answer any questions or additional information regarding the video.


Informational videos can be on any topic as long as it’s related to your brand or industry. Make the video unique, clear, and educational. When adding these types of videos on social media, incorporate content that is likely shared from user to user. Make it worth the viewer’s time. Don’t make the videos too lengthy or too detailed because it may come off dull or dry. Incorporate videos with a personality that matches your brand identity.

Finally, pay attention to what people are saying on social media and monitor which posts receive the most engagement. This is what your audience wants more of!


Behind-the-scenes videos are a great way to humanize your brand: highlight day-to-day operations, your office environment, and even your work process. Consider hosting an office tour or display video testimonials involving your current employees or vendors. Content like this is designed to give customers a better idea of how your company works and who you are.

Event/Promotional Videos

When you host an event, you want to share that experience with your viewers. Use live video to stream portions of your event while it’s happening, but also consider putting together an edited video showing parts of your event once concluded. This allows you to comment on and summarize the event. It gives you the chance to thank users who showed up and to create a highlight video for those who couldn’t make it.

Build the groundwork of an active video campaign one step at a time. By consistently developing different types of videos, you can bring in an audience from multiple platforms and demographics.

If you want to explore more about video content marketing on social media and what it can do for your business, contact the professionals at Kraus Marketing. We can help you develop relevant video content and push it out through social media to the right audience.

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