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Your Go-To SEO Maintenance Checklist

Daily, Monthly, Quarterly & Yearly Checkpoints for SEO Maintenance

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is very much dependent on people and what they’re searching for (and of course Google’s latest algorithm updates). As we all know, people can be very fickle as their needs shift throughout the passage of time. Because of this, SEO techniques and metrics need to constantly be monitored and updated to ensure your website can stay on top of the changing trends and desires of your customers. Here are some things you should do throughout the year to make sure your SEO is continually working for you rather than slowing you down:


Hit the ground running and make sure your content includes important keywords and phrases right off the bat. There are online resources to help you search for ideal keywords, however it can also be helpful to take a moment and simply think of what you would search for as a consumer. After all, you are one! You should be monitoring your SEO performance metrics in real-time to catch any slip ups before they have a bigger toll on your performance. Take out the old magnifying glass and zoom in to your target audience and industry.

Also, running a blog allows you continually refresh your website with relevant information containing the latest keywords. The more these keywords are used appropriately on your website (no keyword stuffing!), the higher you can climb the ranks on search engines.


Monthly checks allow you to analyze a larger set of data over a longer period of time. Here, you can take a look at how your daily efforts affected your overall performance. Take some time to go over your monthly goals. Did you accomplish everything you wanted to? Did things not go according to plan? By answering these questions, you can restructure your future goals and plan for the upcoming month according to your assessment of the previous month. SEO is continually growing and changing, and as new tactics emerge, it’s helpful to make sure you can adapt to those changes and develop with it.


Okay, here’s where things get a bit more technical. At this point, you’ve been closely monitoring changes in SEO practices and navigating your way through any obstacles you may have encountered. Now it’s time to take an even closer look at the more technical side of things. Over time, many things can go wrong on your website without you even knowing- coding or plugins/extensions may need be updated to allow for best practices, or maybe it was something as simple as a few missed H1 tags. This could impact your SEO ranking if important keywords or phrases have been left out or your website it out of date.


You’ve made it through an entire year of maintaining your SEO – good for you! As you’ve already been doing throughout the year, go ahead and take more time to analyze your data and results. What helped? What didn’t help? What were your greatest challenges throughout the year? What new tactics can you implement moving forward? Start planning for the following year. Devise a new game plan featuring updated strategies and goals to accomplish. Even though these plans can change quickly in the coming weeks, it never hurts to have some kind of overarching goal in mind. Constantly resetting your goals and revising your techniques is the best way to keep your website ahead in the race at the top of the ranks.

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