HootSuite Predictions for Social Media Trends in 2019

HootSuite Predictions for Social Media Trends in 2019

HootSuite Predictions for Social Media Trends in 2019 1280 928 Kraus Marketing

Leverage These Social Media Trends in 2019

Each year, HootSuite comprises an annual report that predicts the social media trends right around the corner. In fact, the predictions are statistically supported by surveys, insights, interviews, reports. In which, all of this data is received from industry analysts, customers, and related companies. Here’s what HootSuite predicts the social media practices right now will lead to in 2019.

First off, what is HootSuite?

For anyone unfamiliar with HootSuite, it’s a social media management platform that supports social network integrations for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. In other words, it’s a platform that allows businesses to manage all of its social media in one place.

HootSuite’s Prediction List for Social Media Trends in 2019

  1. “Rebuilding Trust”
    Statistic: 50% of survey respondents agree that personalized content and experiences is a key marketing challenge.The reality is social media practices that lack integrity tarnished the general trust between people and brands on social media. According to HootSuite, “consumers, regulators, and media observers have questioned the privacy, accuracy, and ethics of nearly every social network. As a result, 60% of people no longer trust social media companies. In 2019, brands must discover how to gain trust from an audience they can’t meet face-to-face. HootSuite suggests building an online community and initiating active conversation within it. Additionally, it recommends a branded hashtag that shares community values.
  2. “Storifying Social”
    Statistic: 64% of respondents use Instagram Stories in their social strategy or intend to within the next 12 months.Social information is more disposable now with “stories” on social media. However, this often 24-hour highlight spot is growing as a rapid avenue to reach your audience. To roll with the trend, incorporate more content based, real life stories in your marketing efforts. Acquire a balanced fusion between lasting posts and short-term stories. If stories are where consumers attention lies, there has to be intriguing content there that attracts their attention.
  3. “Closing the Ads Gap”
    Statistic: 64% of respondents recognize a decline in organic reach and identify the challenge of an increasing need for paid social in their budget.Paid social is now a competitive landscape, and Facebook in particular floods users with paid content. As a result, the budgets for social ads are increasing higher than ever. The issue with spending such a large sum of your budget on paid social is the short attention span of users and the unimpressive ROI for advertisers. Now, advertisers are discovering creative solutions, like boosting popular organic content and creative with the development and display of paid advertisements. This trend predicts more creativity for paid ads, and an expansion of in-house and agency integration to achieve it.

    HootSuite’s advice to for this trend is to reanalyze and define your brand’s target audience to ensure you’ve chosen the right one. Even more, prioritize good content, learn from past marketing mistakes, detect what thrives in organic content, and clearly define your goals and metrics.

  4. “Cracking the Commerce Code”
    Statistic: 28% of respondents already use social commerce or intend to do so within the next 12 months.Purchases directly through social platforms are set to grow. Without leaving the app, consumers can purchase products right off of platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook. This next year, social commerce is set to thrive and create an interactive, live shopping experience unlike ever before.One way to get in on social commerce is through shoppable posts on Instagram. You can leverage this by showcasing your product in real life scenarios for the demographics within your audience.
  5. “Messaging Eats the World”
    Statistic: 46% of respondents implement messaging apps or plan to do so in the next 12 months.In 2018, consumers took the preference of direct messaging with brands. Ultimately, it’s raised the bar for communication among a brand and the consumer. In the eyes of the consumer, direct messaging with a brand in an online space instills confidence in the brand.

    Evidently, you need representatives available if you want to have active online conversations with consumers. Response time and accessibility play a big role in the success of messaging. If the option is available to your brand, try adding plugins to your website, install Facebook messenger, or run campaigns incorporating messaging apps.

Have you noticed these rising trends across your social media platforms? Either way, be conscious of these predictions as you plan and budget for the upcoming calendar year. For assistance in your social media marketing endeavors, it’s smart to get assistance from a marketing firm well-skilled in the subject. At Kraus Marketing, we’re fluent in the language of social media, and have the resources needed to keep your business up with the new trends. Contact us today!

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