The Future Is Bright: Kraus Marketing’s Big Move in 2019

The Future Is Bright: Kraus Marketing’s Big Move in 2019

The Future Is Bright: Kraus Marketing’s Big Move in 2019 960 720 Kraus Marketing

Kraus Marketing Prepares for the New Year with a New Office Space

With a new year comes new opportunity, and with new opportunity comes growth.

Kraus Marketing is excited to announce an update on our new office space. In the coming year, we will be moving from our office on Spring Street to our newly purchased space on Pine Street. Unable to part from our beloved home in Morristown, we were fortunate to find a building right around the corner that will provide an even greater amount of growth and success.

After purchasing this larger office space, the Kraus team got to work. From wall demolition to flooring installation, we gave the entire interior and upgraded look. Since this 6,000-square foot building will be our new base of operations, we thought it deserved a makeover. The team came together to pick out new paint colors and furniture for a highly anticipated finished product.

Over the past ten years, Kraus Marketing has seen huge expansions in both our employee count and clientele. Our team continues to outgrow spaces as our work progresses, which is why this upgraded office is such a necessity. As we look forward to 2019 and our new year move, we are excited about the immense amount of potential that will come with it. We foresee and a greater opportunity for growth, enhanced visibility for incoming clients, and an ever evolving work culture our entire team can stand behind.

When the hustle and bustle of the holiday season begins to unwind, find the Kraus team in our upgraded office facility on 40 Pine Street in Morristown. This new place serves as a testimony to our dedication and determination.

To inquire about how our new office space can help serve your company, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Thank you for the continued support. We are excited for all that’s in store for Kraus Marketing!

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