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Bad Habits for Marketers to Avoid in Your Social Media Strategy

Tips to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

Social media can be beneficial for any business when applied correctly. Just like any successful marketing strategy, a social media strategy requires a set plan of predetermined goals, budgets, and key performance indicators. Here are some tips to keep in mind when implementing your social media strategy to avoid falling into bad habits.

Using Irrelevant Hashtags

Hashtags are a way to get your content seen by people who may not be following you, but it goes beyond using what is currently trending. While using popular, of-the-moment hashtags may gain you followers, they may not be the right followers for your business. It is important to research hashtags like you would keywords in order to stand out for the right reasons. Using brand and industry specific hashtags will allow you to reach those in your target market. 

Not Using Paid Promotional Tools

Just because you post a link does not mean your followers are going to click on it. And just because you have followers does not mean they are all in your target market. To obtain a high level of reach, you need to be using paid promotional tools. Social media sites have promotional tools built-in that allow you to target who you want to see your ad, beyond your followers. Paid promotional tools provide a cost-effective way of appearing on your target audience’s feed.

Ignoring Analytics

Many social media platforms have built-in analytics services, like Facebook Audience Insights and Instagram Analytics. These tools are there for a reason. They allow you to see the demographics of your audience, which posts are performing best, and what times of day your followers most commonly interact with posts. This information will help you tailor your content to fit and maintain the interests of your audience, even if that means readjusting your original content strategy.

Measuring the Wrong KPIs

If social media is going to be a part of your everyday marketing strategy, it is important to measure KPIs in the same way you would for your traditional marketing tactics. KPIs should be measuring the impact of your social media strategy on your business, not necessarily the number of followers and likes you obtain. An increase in followers does not always equate to an increase in conversions. Which KPIs you monitor should be discussed before the launch of your campaign.

If you’re falling victim to any of these bad habits, turn to Kraus Marketing. Our experts can help with all aspects of your social media strategy, from content creation and post scheduling to tracking analytics. Contact us today for more information!