YouTube Marketing Case Study

YouTube Marketing Case Study

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A Look into Kraus Marketing’s Digital Success: A YouTube Marketing Case Study

Paid search and social media marketing are all part of the equation of success for many individuals and businesses in today’s market. Below we discuss the power of a strategic and monitored paid search campaign through our YouTube marketing case study.


Our client was a young, up-and-coming producer looking to gain a strong presence on YouTube. His goal was to reach musicians or artists that would be interested in the music he produced.

Client Problem:

Our client found he had limited exposure through SoundCloud. He wanted to increase awareness of his music on a different platform while reaching the right target audience.

Kraus Solution:

Kraus began running general awareness and video search YouTube Ads within interested and specific audiences in order to get our client’s music in front of people who wanted to hear it.

We then focused on optimization of the ad placements. After noticing there was room for improvement in a handful of metrics, we combed through all of the locations that our client’s videos were appearing. We discovered that there were many channels/placements that were under-performing in the major KPIs that we established. After implementing our changes, we saw increases in a number of performance metrics, such as average watch time, view rate, and interaction rate. We continued to monitor these views and revise the ads when needed.

Conclusion/ Client Success:

After less than six short months, we crossed over one million views across all of the client’s advertised videos. This came with a heavy amount of comments ranging from compliments, requests to use his music, and freestyle ideas to use over the client’s instrumentals. This all increased the subscriber count from 0 to 857.

Stats to Consider

  • Total watch time across all videos is ~2.1 million minutes (or roughly four years of watch time!)
  • View rate (views divided by impressions) increased from ~32% to right around ~48%
  • On average, it cost ~$2.75 per 1,000 impressions, or $0.027 per impression and ~$6.98 per 1,000 views, or $0.069 per view


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