What is HTTP2 & How Does it Affect SEO?

What is HTTP2 & How Does it Affect SEO?

What is HTTP2 & How Does it Affect SEO? 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

What is HTTP2’s Role in SEO

In 2015, HTTP2 was officially standardized after almost fifteen years of HTTP1 serving the web. In 2020, Google confirmed that the crawling of sites over HTTP2 would begin. One year later in May 2021, John Mueller, Google’s Senior Webmaster Trend Analyst, announced that the HTTP2 protocol was already taking over the web, with over half of all URLs being crawled.

With HTTP2 taking over the web, you may be wondering – what is HTTP2?

To answer your question, essentially, HTTP2 is a protocol used to govern the communication between a browser and server. When someone uses a browser to conduct a search, HTTP2 communicates the request to the server that contains the requested information. With this switch taking place, Googlebot will no longer have to spend as much time crawling your server as before.

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Benefits of HTTP2

Improved Web & Mobile Performance

Many of the features of HTTP2 improves both web and mobile performance. In terms of web performance, users can expect faster loading time and the ability to send and receive more data per communication request.

In addition to faster web performance, HTTP2 will provide users with a seamless mobile experience. Since HTTP2 was developed in more recent times than HTTP1, this protocol is perfectly optimized for mobile usage.

Superior User Experience

As mentioned above, faster loading time and mobile optimization will increase user experience. It’s no secret that people hate slow load time on a site. In fact, according to Google, there’s a 32% increase in bounce rate when a page has a slower load time than one to three seconds.

Advanced Security

Under HTTP2, all websites are encrypted and secured. HTTP2 also protects apps from any cyber-attacks that could potentially cause sites to be dropped from the SERPs altogether.

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What Does This Mean for SEO?

While Google has confirmed that the switch to HTTP2 will not directly affect your search engine ranking, Google’s page experience algorithm update should be completed by September 2021. All these benefits mentioned above will play an indirect role in boosting your SEO initiatives through this update.

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