The 5 Industries that Rule PPC Advertising in 2020

The 5 Industries that Rule PPC Advertising in 2020

The 5 Industries that Rule PPC Advertising in 2020 2426 1728 Kraus Marketing

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Google Ads has released their second benchmark data report. This report reveals which industries have had the most successful PPC advertising campaigns in 2020 thus far. Marketers can use this information to analyze how their ads are performing in comparison to the industry that they’re a part of. As a result of this, marketers can determine whether or not they need to make changes to their own advertising campaigns.

These 5 Industries Saw an Increase in PPC Advertising Performance

  • Apparel: e-commerce sales saw large increases which resulted in performance spikes in April and May.
  • Beauty Products: Online conversion rates spiked in April but as more stores began to re-open, e-commerce campaign conversion started to lower but online booking rates began to increase.
  • Health and Wellness: With more time at home, the health and wellness industry saw an increase in search volume and lower CPCs. As a result of this, marketers were able to attract new customers.
  • Electronics: Consumers found themselves splurging on more expensive electronics as stimulus checks were mailed out in April and May, ultimately leading to increased PPC campaigns.
  • Real Estate: Real Estate advertisers were able to take advantage of the low CPCs by keeping costs low and stable CTRs.

Advertisers continue to adjust and quickly adapt their campaigns in order to account for the COVID-19 Pandemic. As a result of this, there have been large shifts that have taken place across all industries in regard to digital advertising.

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