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Six Steps to Increase Your SEO Success with Bing

Six Steps to Increase Your SEO Success with Bing

Think you’re SEO-savvy? You may be ignoring 36% of your market. Overlooking other search engines, such as Bing, may save time but doesn’t allow your website to reach its full potential. Google SEO, while important, has different criteria than that of Bing. Yes, people use Bing. And yes, it’s important for your organization to stay on top of your SEO on all fronts. Here are six steps you can take to improve your Bing SEO and get the most out of your website.

  • Key in to Keywords

Bing uses keywords differently than Google, so keying in to what both search engines want is crucial. Google puts their focus on searcher intent and context, but to boost your Bing results you need exact keywords. Avoid over-optimizing, but take advantage of this resource you may have overlooked. Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines say, “use targeted keywords whenever possible”, including in your meta descriptions, H1 and H2 title tags, and domain.

  • Meta Keywords: The Jon Snow of SEO

Are they dead or alive? Depends on which search engine you ask. Google may be stuck in season five, but to make it on Bing consider using meta keywords. However, do not stuff keywords into the meta tag if they do not exist on the page.

  • Bring on the Backlinks

Google still ranks based on its proprietary PageRank algorithm (of which backlinks are one factor). Bing more heavily relies upon factors like links from domain extensions such as .edu, .org, and .gov, as well as domain age, to show Bing your website is to be trusted.

  • Successful Social Signals

Unlike Google, Bing openly values social signals. Shares on social media get noticed by Bing and may impact your organic rank, according to Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines. If it’s not already, make social media engagement a priority.

  • Multimedia Content Matters

Bing’s a leader in visual search, so it’s no surprise they have the technology to include multimedia content and Flash websites in their searches. Google leans toward its roots of text-based results, but with Bing all of your content is included. So spruce up your site with pictures, videos, etc.—Bing can handle it.

  • Bring it to Bing

While some of these steps may take time to develop organically, you can take measures now to get noticed by Bing. Utilize your Bing Webmaster Tools—from here you can increase your crawl rate (click Crawl Control) and submit your sitemap. You can also get indexed by submitting your site.

Don’t have time to worry about multiple search engines while taking charge in your industry? We don’t blame you. No matter what side of the meta keyword debate you’re on, Kraus Marketing has you covered. We’re certified in Search Engine Optimization, so contact us today to see how we can make your website stand out on any search engine.