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PPC Company Shares AdWords Tips

Have you been trying and struggling to fully optimize a low-conversion-volume account in AdWords? As a PPC company, we specialize in crafting successful campaigns for our clients. We thought it would be best to share some of our expert tips:

Define goals. The first step towards any successful PPC campaign, regardless of conversion rate, is to define the goals. If your campaign is not converting the way you would like it to, you should craft goals that are a bit broader. They can fall into either brand awareness or site engagement. If you want to increase brand awareness, you should be tracking clicks and click-through-rates. If you want to focus on site engagement, you should track metrics in Google Analytics.

Get creative in tracking conversions. Now that you have set goals to increase brand awareness and site engagement, you should think about creative ways to track your conversions. Could it be possible that most of your conversions occur offline? If that is the case, you can track offline conversions in platforms like SalesForce. You can also implement call tracking tags into your PPC ad to determine how many calls you have received from that ad.

Utilize campaign-level audience lists. Unfortunately, one of the downfalls of low-converting-volume accounts is that you do not have significant data to analyze. Google has a feature specifically for this reason – campaign-level audience lists. This allows people to set up audience lists at campaign level instead of ad group level.

Don’t forget to test your ads. Similar to tracking conversions, you will need to get creative when creating tests for your advertisements. One of the ways this can be accomplished is through controlled testing. You should expect the test to run for a while before any of the results are significant. Sequential testing is something that should also be considered. It is not the most scientific option, however, it can help to provide some significant results in less time.

Analyze metrics in Google Analytics. Google Analytics can complement the data you have garnered in AdWords. Create a custom report for site visitors based on the hour of day or day of week. Analyzing the results of that report can help you target PPC ads more efficiently and effectively.

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