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Accounting Firm Brand Tips

What do you think the public perception of your accounting firm is? It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the two things people commonly think about accounting firms are taxes and boring. The internal perception of your firm is most likely a bit different. You understand the importance and significance you achieve when solving problems for clients. It is time that the rest of the community acknowledges that.

As a digital marketing agency, we thought it would be best to provide some helpful branding tips for your accounting firm.

Reevaluate your current brand. What’s in a name? Well, besides being a quote from a popular Shakespeare play, a lot. Your name defines your business and can help you stand out from the crowd. Is your current logo bland and drab? How is your website, is it mobile-friendly and modern? Do you connect and engage with clients on social media?

Understand the significance of design. Accountants most likely do not understand the significance of design. It does not lie in the scope of their expertise. You can’t blame them, as digital marketers we don’t understand the scope of work accountants conduct on a daily basis. We do want to stress the importance of design. It is what separates you from competitors and is influential in the process of gaining and retaining clients.

Craft a memorable name. The name of your firm does not just have to be professional, you can craft a name that is also memorable. In fact, you should strive to have a memorable name for your business. Try to brainstorm name ideas that match your mission and vision for the company. Think about how you help your clients and try to display that in your name.

Leave the logo design to the professionals. If you want your firm to look professional, modern, and memorable, you need to hire a professional graphic designer to design your logo. Trust us, if you leave the design to an amateur, your firm will look just the same. Remember that professional does not have to look boring and conservative.

Do you want to revamp your branding? Kraus Marketing specializes in branding accounting firms. We conduct in-depth interviews to understand your firm. Afterwards, our team of creative designers and copywriters work to create a brand that represents the direction you want your law firm to go in. Contact our team for more information.