Optimize Your Ecommerce Product Page for Search

Optimize Your Ecommerce Product Page for Search

Optimize Your Ecommerce Product Page for Search 1500 1000 Kraus Marketing

Easy Tips to Improve Your Product Page Copy

More often than not, when a consumer intends to make a purchase, their journey begins with Search. By searching the product they are looking for, consumers can easily compare offerings from multiple ecommerce sites with just a few simple clicks. It is not only imperative that your product page appears at the top of this SERP, but your product page copy must stand out among countless competitors. It’s easier than you may think to optimize your product copy for Search. Keep reading for tips on how to do so!

Keep Your Buyer Persona in Mind

Throughout the writing process, it is important to remember who the intended buyer is. This may be different for each products, or your entire brand might target the same market. Whichever the case may be, you should define what features of the product would be of most interest to this targeted buyer. Think about the general interests of this potential buyer and why they should choose your company over others. Defining this persona in the beginning of the copy writing process will be helpful.

Focus on Benefits

To start, you need to fully understand each product you are writing for in order to write quality content. Understanding your products means knowing how each feature will provide a benefit to your consumer. A feature describes a product physically or by what it can do. A benefit tells the consumer how that feature will improve or enhance their life. While some buyers definitely look for specific features like size or color when making a buying decision, providing a clear benefit will be sure to drive the sale home.

Be Unique

Avoid duplicate copy at all costs. Swapping out or rearranging a few words in a different product description can be seen as a duplicate content issue for search engines. Google will likely be confused as to which page is the original to serve, and this can negatively impact your placement. It is even more important to never copy a product description from another site. While it may be the same product, it will be flagged as plagiarism and can hurt your business.

Be Strategic with Keywords

It is important to meet user expectations when writing your product page copy. When users search for something, they want to know that your product will completely meet their needs. They find this out via the product page. Include longer-tail keywords, such as “color safe shampoo” to help your page rank for a variety of terms outside the main keyword focus, “shampoo.” Be sure you choose relevant keywords that naturally flow within the product description.

Write for People

Many site owners fall into the trap of writing for Google instead of people. While you want to remember to include those keywords that help your SERP placement, your writing flow needs to remain natural and easy to read. Robotic language can turn a customer away and even be a red flag for Googlebots.


The more often you implement these simple tips, the easier it will become to write high-quality product pages across your website. If you need help optimizing product pages on your site, look no further! Kraus Marketing is an award-winning ecommerce web design and development agency. Contact us today to learn how our marketing specialists can help.

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