How Business Jargon is Affecting Your Website

How Business Jargon is Affecting Your Website

How Business Jargon is Affecting Your Website 1280 853 Kraus Marketing

Is Business Jargon Making or Breaking Your Monthly Searches?

Jargon is used across all different types of businesses to replace common language with industry specific terminology. Words such as “synergy” or “buzzworthy” may be recognizable in the workplace, but to the general public, it can be cause for confusion. There are both benefits and setbacks to incorporating business jargon on your site, the key to knowing which is understanding who your audience is.

Why We Use Jargon

Words that are not commonly used in our daily vocabulary outside of work is jargon. It serves as a useful shortcut when it is difficult to simply convey a concept. In essence, it brings the workplace together – separating the professionals from the non-professionals. Jargon can be used so much in business that we sometimes do not realize when we use it. We forget that all readers may not understand these terms, so being aware of when and where to use it can make all of the difference.


Business jargon interferes with online communication to your audience. Although it may sound professional, it can be a big turnoff to visitors who are not in the related industry. This can lead to several problems, such as losing the attention of the visitor, creating a gap between clients and the company, and making your audience feel ignorant or insecure. In business, writing is meant to inform and persuade, so the use of buzzwords can be counterproductive to what you’re trying to achieve. Putting yourself in the audience’s shoes is an efficient way to navigate messaging. You want to use words that represent your brand, but also make sure that your communication is clear.


As mentioned before, the key to using jargon successfully is knowing who your audience is. When used with the right people, jargon can even increase readership and conversions. While cooperate lingo can be confusing to some, in other situations it can be very efficient. By using the same language of your industry cohort, you can immediately get your point across without having to take the time to explain. Keep in mind that when using jargon among industry clients, you want to make sure that they and your company are benefiting in some way. This can mean enticing them to ask about your services or ensuring that they are learning something new from your blog.

Effects on SEO

Jargon is used frequently for SEO keywords and phrases. Yes, keyword tactics can increase visibility on search engines, but using industry specific terminology can hinder your digital marketing efforts as well. The use of one word in an article can have a huge impact on its popularity. For instance, changing a technical term like ‘brick and mortar’ to the more commonly known phrase ‘physical location’ will likely drive more traffic to your site. Content is critical in building search engine optimization, so it must be comprehensible to your intended reader.

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