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Ecommerce Subject Lines May Be Sending Your Blasts To The Trash

Writing Creative eCommerce Subject Lines That Work

We all know the reality of receiving emails every day. It’s a process trying to filter through the junk in search of more critical mail. You make it a habit of scrolling quickly, and in a matter of seconds we decide which mail stays and which mail goes. This means if you are an ecommerce retailer, your email matters. You need your email to catch the eyes of your target audience.

One could say that the most important aspect of an email is the subject line. You have a limited number of characters to make an impact and get your message read. Now that we know the importance of an ecommerce subject line – let’s explore some ways we can ensure your next email blast doesn’t end up in the trash.

No lengthy lines

Ecommerce subject lines need to be understood. A very lengthy subject could be misunderstood if you don’t have all of your pertinent information right at the beginning. You would need to stress what it is you’re offering right up front before you’re cut off. Consider who your audience is and which device they would most likely be using. Odds are the majority of your audience will be on a cell phone – which means even less room for attention grabbing subject lines. The bottom line? Make it concise and make it count.

Make it personal

What if we told you click-through rates could improve by approximately 14% – just by making an ecommerce subject line more personal? What do we know? Their name and their email address – so let’s use it! Take buying behaviors into account and strategize which products or services certain groups of your audience would appreciate and engage with. Draw their attention by using their first name in the subject line and get those emails read.

It’s an emergency

Well, it’s not an emergency but it’s urgent. Sales are a great way to get people clicking. We all love a good bargain. But what if that great discount was only available for a limited time? People hate missing out – that’s a fact. The combination of sending them juicy information about a store or service they already know and love should be a sure sell. Let them know the offer is too good to pass up and “act today!”.

Repetitive ranting

The only thing worse than getting a million emails from a retailer, is getting millions of the same email. People need a little variety in life, and that doesn’t just apply to receiving emails. You need to change it up even if you are offering the same services or deals more or less. Use synonyms and try to keep it fresh.

Magic in numbers

What’s the most magical number? 45, this is because there’s an open rate of 45% when a blog has a number in the title. Is that all it takes? Mention percentages or mention the hours left until the sale is over and you may see some results. We like numbers, we are drawn to them. They offer a quick summary and give us the bottom line instantaneously.

We heart emojis

Emojis have not been around long, but they have sure made an impact. The statistics show that over half of the brands using emojis in their subject lines see higher engagement. Emoji usage can border unprofessional and more casual if used in excess or inaccurately. Make sure they are relevant, don’t go overboard, and if emojis really don’t symbolize your mission and values as a company – don’t use it!

Ecommerce subject lines are crucial for your email marketing. They are the cover of the book we are not supposed to be judging – but do. We absorb things quickly and react even quicker. Tell us what we want, why we need it and how long we have until it’s gone. The professionals at Kraus Marketing are here to help your digital marketing footprint. Contact us today to learn more!