Does Social Media Impact SEO?

Does Social Media Impact SEO?

Does Social Media Impact SEO? 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

4 Ways Social Media Impacts SEO

Most brands already know the importance of SEO when it comes to their marketing strategy. But many people don’t know how much social media can impact their SEO rankings, and often forget to use the two strategies in tandem with one another. That’s why we’ve decided to break down the question, “does social media impact SEO?”

First- What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing traffic to your website. SEO focuses on improving the quality and quantity of traffic to a website from search engines. Unlike Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC), SEO targets organic traffic.

SEO is conducted through search engine algorithms that use bots to sort through pages on the web, collect information, and then analyze them based on key ranking factors. Once this is completed, the order of websites appears in the search engine results pages (SERPS).

SEO is important for Digital Marketing because the majority of online traffic is driven by search engines. With people conducting countless numbers of searches each day, it’s important to optimize your site so that it can be properly indexed in the SERPS and boost traffic.

How Does Social Media Impact SEO?

Optimized Images Improve SEO

Images are a very valuable marketing tool, especially on social media. Many social channels rely heavily on visually appealing images to catch their audience’s attention. In order to take advantage of this, optimize your images. By doing this, you can increase your content popularity both on social media and in the SERPS. When optimized correctly, your images can play a role in improving your SEO strategy.

Influencer Marketing Expands Audience Reach

Implementing influencer marketing into your social media strategy can be an excellent way to reach large audiences that you typically couldn’t reach alone. Using influencer marketing can help boost your social media and SEO efforts. For example, an influencer can drive followers to your website, increase your number of followers and engagement on social media, as well as increase brand awareness. Niche based micro-influencers are great investments for smaller brands due to their high engagement rates and willing to collaborate with your company if your content matches their values.

Extends Your Content Reach

Social media is a great way to share your content with as many people as possible. Types of content that drive traffic and social shares are: blog posts, videos, infographics, and podcasts. It’s important to create high quality content that will resonate with your audience because that will increase your content reach which translates into boosted website traffic, higher rankings, and more backlinks.

Increases Brand Awareness

Your website isn’t the only thing that ranks in the SERPS, your social media profiles also appear in branded search results. Optimizing your social media profiles is an effective way to drive traffic to your website and increase search engine visibility.

Boosts Your Local SEO Efforts

Local search rankings are also affected by your social media channels. Your NAP (the name, address, and phone number of your business) is crucial to your local SEO ranking. Therefore, optimizing your NAP on all your social media channels will boost your local rankings.

If you’re looking to implement any of these social media and SEO tactics into your brand’s marketing strategy, don’t hesitate to reach out to the digital strategists at Kraus Marketing! Contact us today to get started!

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