Why Data Amplifiers Are Important as told by a Professional SEO Company

Why Data Amplifiers Are Important as told by a Professional SEO Company

Why Data Amplifiers Are Important as told by a Professional SEO Company 2121 1414 Kraus Marketing

Data amplifiers help make sure that your location data is consistent across the web. This is especially important for businesses during consumers’ “near me” searches. If you operate under multiple locations, you’ll want to make it a top priority to share your location data with amplifiers in 2017.

There are two segments of data amplifiers – publishers and aggregators. Data publishers include Google, Apple, Facebook, and Yelp. The common factors amongst data publishers are they have built their own search engine or impacted the way we search. Data aggregators provide businesses’ data to publishers. Examples of data aggregators include Acxiom, Neustar, and Factual.

The problems businesses face with consumers on their smartphones 85% of the time are missed opportunities and poor user experiences. We are living in an increasingly digital world, which makes it harder for businesses to be everywhere consumers are looking. This might lead to missed opportunities for connection. In addition, because businesses might have difficulties keeping their location data consistent and up-to-date on every single platform, it can result in incorrect data thus impacting user experience.

The best solution to decreasing the potential for missed opportunities and subpar user experience is by focusing your efforts on a small number of high-impact data amplifiers. By refocusing your efforts, you will spend the right amount of money on the best resources for your business. Selecting the top data amplifiers and focusing your efforts on them will enable you to reach increase visibility. Choosing the most popular data amplifiers will also help you be included in the changes to search engine algorithms.

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