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Crafting an Effective PPC Campaign

Generate Leads the Right Way with a PPC Campaign

Whether your website has recently launched or its age dates back to the Internet’s fist debut, it’s bound to fail if no one knows about it. Generating leads should be a top concern for every business. And with today’s digital advancements – a solid PPC campaign is an encouraged solution.

Creating The Perfect Campaign

Pay-per-click (PPC) refers to the model of internet marketing in which the advertiser pays the publisher each time their ad is clicked on by a user. PPC campaigns are essential to getting a sizeable number of clicks on your website, but there are many different areas of focus when trying to make it effective.

It’s important to take your campaign seriously – and not just for the obvious budgeting reasons. The way in which you craft your PPC campaign may mean the difference between getting thousands of customers or being lost in the crowd of endless businesses selling their products or services.

Rich Keywords

When looking at the fundamentals of your PPC campaign, it is important that your keywords position your ads appropriately. If your keywords are too broad, they will get a plethora of clicks, but are unlikely to generate any solid leads. If your keywords are too narrow, you simply won’t get any traffic unless someone is searching for the very specific term you are using. Take the time to really understand your audience and what they might be searching for. Incorporating negative keywords into your campaign will also help you steer clear of unwanted clicks that would waste your ad budget.

Consistent Copy

Once you optimized your keywords, you can focus on the copy of your ad. Keep in mind, a customer will be looking for the features and benefits of your product, so make sure you are highlighting that in your campaign. Be sure to close the ad off with an enticing call-to-action. If you wording is unique and clever, consumers are much more likely to click on your ads.

Solid Landing Page

After crafting the perfect ad, your PPC campaign is still not over. Make sure you are sending those leads straight to a visually appealing and informative landing page. Without a final conversion, the money spent on advertising is futile. Creating a specific landing page solely dedicated to your relevant ad will up your chances of converting that lead into a customer.

Know When It’s Over

The bottom line is PPC campaigns will cost you money. The goal is to use this money as wisely as possible in order to real in genuine leads. If you find that your campaign is wasting more money than you anticipated, it may just be time to let go. Your ad may have been seasonal, or perhaps your copy was not as original as you hoped. Whatever the case, stopping your PPC campaign at an appropriate time will save you a hefty amount of cash to use on a new ad campaign.

Creating the perfect ad is far from easy. Allow the experts at Kraus Marketing to help. We’ll work with you to create the most efficient and enticing PPC campaign for your business.