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Kraus Marketing: Winner of Graphic Design USA’s American Inhouse and Web Design Awards

Graphic Design USA Features Kraus Marketing Amongst Top Designers

Kraus Marketing is honored to receive awards in both American Inhouse Design and American Web Design from leading graphic design media publication, Graphic Design USA (GDUSA).

GDUSA’s American Inhouse Design Awards highlight the most prestigious inhouse designers. Chosen amongst thousands of entries across the country, from both private and public sectors, Kraus Marketing was awarded for our client work with Sensory Spectrum, designed by Bohdana Komichak and Jenève Dubé, and The Committed Pig, created by Art Director Kat Falconieri and designer Bohdana Komichak, with CEO Nicholas Kraus as the creative director behind both projects. Our dedicated design team crafted an array of unique marketing material, from business cards and menu layouts to logo designs and Snapchat filters.

“I used to read through GD when I was in college for design inspiration. To now see Kraus Marketing’s very own work among its pages is incredible,” said CEO Nicholas Kraus. “Without my team’s constant effort, these noteworthy achievements would not have been possible.”

Our company also graciously accepts our win in GDUSA’s American Web Design Awards. Kraus Marketing’s company website, created by Art Director Kat Falconieri and designers Bohdana Komichak and Erik Nowicki, was amongst the winners. Our SEM Manager, Kelsea Pearce was the copywriter for this project. Another Kraus Marketing client, Crossed Keys Estate, was also amongst the winners. This project was designed by Bohdana Kominchak. CEO Nicholas Kraus was the Art Direct for both sites, accompanied by Web Developer Nicholas Westcott.

Sensory Spectrum Branding

Client: Sensory Spectrum
Title: Sensory Spectrum Branding
Art Director: Nicholas Kraus
Designers: Bohdana Komichak, Jenève Dubé

The Committed Pig Branding

Client: The Committed Pig
Title: The Committed Pig Branding
Creative Director: Nicholas Kraus
Art Director: Kat Falconieri
Designer: Bohdana Komichak

Crossed Keys Estate Website

Client: Crossed Keys Estate
Title: Crossed Keys Estate Website
Art Director: Nicholas Kraus
Designer: Bohdana Komichak
Web Developer: Nicholas Westcott

Kraus Marketing Website

Title: Kraus Marketing Website
Art Director: Nicholas Kraus
Designers: Bohdana Komichak, Erik Nowicki
Web Developer: Nicholas Westcott
Copywriter: Kelsea Pearce

Since 1963, GDUSA has stood as a prestigious business-to-business information source for graphic design professionals. As the original showcase for outstanding graphic work, Kraus Marketing’s win demonstrates outstanding creative solutions to digital commerce success.

Each of our creative professionals paired innovated graphic techniques with superior style to stand out amongst the competition. Kraus Marketing is proud to be recognized amongst the winning list of digitally innovative companies. As our team develops, we are committed to exceeding our client’s design and web creation expectations.