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6 Tips to an Effective Business Card Design

Business Card Designs That Will Reel Customers In

Business cards have been a staple of the professional world for years. With so many cards circulating the public, it’s essential that your card stands out. A sleek, eye-catching business card design paired with clean fonts and catchy copy will surely win over your next client.

Here are a few graphic design tips to make sure your business card doesn’t wind up in the trash.

Only Include Important Information: It’s natural that you want to fit a lot of information on your card. After all, first impressions matter most. But too much text may scare them off before they even give it a read. There is no need to add a full-blown cover letter on the back of your business card. Adding just your name, your contact info, and the services you provide is sufficient.

Make it Legible: In an effort to stand out, people often choose a unique font. While this choice may portray the creative and unique side of your business, it teeters on a dangerous border. Your choice font must be legible. Potential clients take no more than a few seconds to scan over your business card. A font that interferes with this quick pace may cost you a valuable customer.

Think About Leaving Room for Notes: Sometimes when you hand someone your business card they jot down notes or other pertinent information regarding your interaction. They can’t do that if there is no white space on the card. This slight inconvenience may be the difference between your card and another.

Use Different Materials: Playing it safe with the standard card stock likely won’t hurt your chances of making an impression but trying out different materials and finishes may catch a client’s eye. They may not be able to write on it, but to them, you took a creative risk. A unique business card design will make you stand out amongst the rest.

Make It Useful: Even the most well-designed cards can get tossed in the trash by someone who frankly doesn’t want to carry yet another business card. However, if there is another use to this card, it just might stick around in your client’s pocket. There are cards that double as bottle openers, USB drives and even cheese graters. What new idea can you think of?

Proofread: Can you imagine if you went through all that creative planning just to have a typo on your mass-printed card. It may seem like a simple task, but make sure you check your text before hitting print. You don’t want to find out that you misspelled a word after you’ve already given it to a few people.

If your company needs a spiffy new business card design, contact the creative professionals at Kraus Marketing. We specialize creating beautifully printed cards that accurately portray the message of your brand.