The Best Ways to Work from Home and Stay Productive

The Best Ways to Work from Home and Stay Productive

The Best Ways to Work from Home and Stay Productive15001000 Kraus Marketing

The 5 Work from Home Practices You Need to Be Doing

Many people feel their productivity waivers during the days they have to work from home. However, it has less to do with your location and more to do with what you surround yourself with. Thankfully, there are some easy fixes! Let’s take a look at some reasons you may be feeling less productive while working from home. 

Family members, kids and pets included! While everyone’s living situation is different, most don’t have the luxury of living alone. Conversations, television, and kids or pets running around are all things that may occur in the background.

Social media. Without the looming eyes of coworkers or your boss, you may feel more prone to picking up your cell phone and scrolling through your social media feeds.

Household duties. If you’re used to coming home from work and being too tired to do those little household chores, such as washing the dishes or doing laundry, you may think working from home is the perfect opportunity to get those out of sight.

Don’t worry – there is hope! There are plenty of ways to combat home distractions. Let’s take a look at 5 practices you can implement to work from home like a pro!

1. Create Your Workspace

According to the 2018 Workplace Distraction Report, 75 percent of employees get more done and are more productive when their workspace is clutter-free. It’s crucial to create a designated area for work, free from family members, televisions, or any other distraction. This way, you will have a space to go to every day that is only for work, unlike a kitchen table that you may also use for dinner. Then, it might be harder for your brain to distinguish between work mode and home mode.

2. Get Your Family on Board

Whomever you live with– a spouse, children, siblings, parents– it’s worth it to have a conversation with them explaining the nature of your work from home responsibilities. Let them know if you will be answering emails, taking phone calls, or participating in virtual meetings. It will be essential to have a set of work hours where you are not accessible to every nuisance going on in your household. This way, you can maintain a work-life balance.

3. Stay Connected with Your Coworkers

As you may be feeling isolated and missing that “water cooler” chatter, make it a priority to keep in touch with your coworkers throughout the day – and don’t just make it about work. Using text chat or video calls can help keep your team close together.  If you usually enjoy your lunch with coworkers, video call with them during this time!

4. Keep Up with Your Exercises

If you are unable to continue your lunchtime walk, it’s necessary to still maintain some form of exercise and stimulant. Not only will light exercise help keep you healthy, but it’s also a great way to reduce stress, clear your mind, and relax your body. Adding stretching or yoga several times to your day can help you loosen up and reset your brain. This may be especially helpful if you are feeling overwhelmed with working at home.

5. Putting It All Together

Although you may not be able to completely stick to your original routine, being able to follow some pattern will help keep you focused. Besides, with all that time you save on your commute, you may even be able to start doing some things you couldn’t before! Don’t just enjoy the extra minutes in bed, get up early, prepare breakfast, wash your face. It’ll be helpful to still somewhat dress the part – of course, we all want to be comfortable at home, but going through the routine of dressing for work then changing after hours may be helpful.

In order to keep the community and our employees healthy, Kraus Marketing has turned to remote work for the time being. However, no matter the circumstances, our focus is to keep your business on track and to keep the content flowing as everybody will be turning to interactive content for entertainment and valuable information. Contact us today if you need marketing assistance!

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