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Email Marketing Tactics That Work

The Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Email is the number one driver of digital conversions. The success of a particular campaign can be directly tied to the number of people who interact with it. Improving your email marketing campaigns will boost your engagement and increase the value of your promotional and interactive content. Email marketing needs to be persuasive enough to grab attention with the few seconds it takes most people to skim their inbox.

To help you optimize your business’s next email marketing campaign, we’ve outlined 10 dos and don’ts that are simple enough to implement today but important enough to drive success.

Don’t Buy Email Lists

Instead of don’t, that should really read never. Never buy an email list or use email addresses that you have not obtained through given consent of the address holder. Grow your email list via opt-in sign-ups and allow users to select the specific type of content they are most interested in receiving email updates about. Some subscribers might be interested in your blog updates, but others might just want to know the basics about new product launches and sales. Ensuring that you only send subscribers the content they want to see will prevent unsubscribes and spam labeling.

Do Have an Engaging Subject Line and Call to Action

A short, descriptive subject line should entice your reader to open the email and keep reading. It’s important to have a clear call to action in each of your emails that makes it obvious what you want the reader to do and where they should click to do so. With just one click your reader should land on the appropriate website page to complete the action.

Don’t Go Overboard on Links

Less is more when it comes to linking in emails. Since you want to have one clear call to action, you shouldn’t be overloading the email copy with other links that can get in the way of users completing the task. Too many links within email copy can look messy and make it harder for users to successfully click their chosen link, especially on mobile. Keep your emails focused with only the most relevant linking.

Do Personalize Email Content

Personalized emails are 26% more likely to get opened. Generic emails will just get lost in the inbox. Using each subscribers name in the subject line of emails will be eye catching as they skim all their new mail. Focus content on gender, preferences, and location. Segment your list based on consumer interests and stages in the buying cycle. This is where it comes in handy to have subscribers choose the content they wish to see when initially signing up. Using marketing automation, you can create customer journeys that provide valuable content to subscribers.

Don’t Rely on Pictures

While images are definitely eye-catching and are sure to entice your reader, they are more unreliable in email than on other platforms. Images do not always load correctly within emails, especially on mobile. Be sure to include all relevant information in the text of the email before adding images that can further enhance your message.

Do Utilize Your Pre-Header Text

Pre-header text may be a phrase some beginner email marketers are unfamiliar with, but it’s a valuable space within your email. When looking at your inbox, each email previews a beginning line of text underneath the subject line. This is the pre-header text. Optimize this line to have additional information that is most relevant, but not fitting for the subject line. This is an extra opportunity to entice a reader to open your email.

Don’t Hit Send Without Proofreading

This may sound obvious, but if you opened every promotional email in your inbox, you’d probably be surprised to see how many do actually have typos in them. It’s a great accomplishment getting subscribers to open and read your emails, so you don’t want to drive them away by having incorrect information in the copy. If they follow through to your website, the email will set the tone for their entire customer experience. Get started on the right foot with engaging and factual content.

Do Optimize for Mobile

Almost half of all emails are opened on mobile devices, so it’s important to design emails with this in mind. As we said, don’t rely on all pictures loading 100% of the time, and make any buttons or links big enough to click with just a tap of a finger. You should also implement a mobile-responsive template, similar to one you’d implement on your website.

Don’t Change Your Sender Name

Keep your business email and account name consistent so subscribers will quickly understand who is contacting them. The name of your business as displayed on your website is the perfect sender name, as subscribers will already be familiar with it. While you may feel a pull to personalize it and use the name of your founder or owner, there is a higher chance the email receiver will not recognize the name and delete the email from their inbox. Worse, they may mark it as spam. In this case, keeping it simple is best.

Do Set Up KPIs and Analytics

Just as with any other aspect of your marketing strategy, it is important to pay attention to analytics and set key performance indicators for your email marketing. Each campaign and email should have a goal and call to action to build KPIs around.


Email is not going away, so you can only benefit from starting a campaign for your business. Email marketing can sometimes be a better way to reach potential customers than social media and can even save you money. If you’re ready to start implementing a new email marketing campaign for your business, contact Kraus Marketing today to get started! As an award-winning digital marketing agency, Kraus Marketing has professionals specializing in email marketing who can get your business started on a successful track.