Optimize Your NJ & NYC Businesses Online Reach With External Sites

Optimize Your NJ & NYC Businesses Online Reach With External Sites

Optimize Your NJ & NYC Businesses Online Reach With External Sites 2560 1920 Kraus Marketing

How to maximize your reach on social media by using external sites

Social media is an important channel to broadcast your brand presence. By creating a cross-platform presence using various social media accounts, a personal Brand Circle if you will, you can add richness and depth to your brand while shielding your online reputation from negative content.

If your site dominates the first page of results, your brand will be vulnerable to negative content on other websites. To shield your brands presence, you’ll want to create profiles on social media to encircle your brand.

Be consistent and use targeted keywords to connect with all of your content in your Brand Circle. Use these keywords in your title, description and optimize your meta data. Make sure to link your profiles to your own domain, and vice versa, to keep users in your circle. You can also create brand related topics as offshoots to showcase your products and organically introduce your brand throughout.

Pinterest is a rising platform that will help you rank quickly in search engines for key terms. You can easily group topics into a single board, and concentrate specific target keywords for each one. It’s also a great way to observe which target keywords are successful.

YouTube is a great way to raise more brand awareness from search. This platform features many customization tools to help you reach massive audiences. If you have several videos, group them into playlists so visitors have an easier time navigating. Circle back to your main domain by linking the video onto your site and the other social media in your circle by using targeted anchor text links and other traditional link buildings.

Yelp is a great tool for confirming your brand messaging with happy customers, yet can deter potential customers due to bad reviews. The truth is, happy customers are less likely to review a business than those angry at a bad experience. However, assuming you have great customer service, encourage customers to review you so you can promote your site. Don’t forget to circle your profile back to the rest of your circle by linking Yelp so you can rank and support your brand.

Take advantage of the different features each platform in your Brand Circle offers you. Customize the content of your messaging and keywords to fully enrich the message your want your brand presence to be known for and you will begin to see organic growth performances rise.

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