Google Search to introduce AMP Pages in February 2016

Google Search to introduce AMP Pages in February 2016

Google Search to introduce AMP Pages in February 2016 2560 1706 Kraus Marketing

Google announced that AMP pages will be integrated into its search engine in February 2016

What is AMP? Standing for Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP is an open-source content delivery platform that promises instantaneous loading of web pages on mobile devices.

Currently, web pages are slow to load on mobile devices; with all of the ads and scripts, publishers are losing readers and missing opportunities due to slow webpage loading. With Google’s debut of AMP, they aim to improve the overall mobile experience. Rich content – such as video, animation and graphics – will be able to load instantaneously, creating a better experience for all mobile users. This code will also work across multiple platforms and devices.

Who’s the first to integrate AMP HTML Pages? Companies such as Twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, Chartbeat, Adobe and LinkedIn are some of the first to hop on this trend.

What are the key areas that AMP will focus on?

Google is working to help build more features on some core areas of the Internet. These areas include:

  • Content: Being able to implement ads and analytics in order to monetize content and understand what the reader’s enjoy and what they don’t. It’s important for publishers to be able to use plug-ins, maps and images to make their content more interactive and to help stand out.
  • Distribution: Where are the articles being shared and across what platforms? AMP will allow users to host content and allow efficient distribution through Google’s global cache.
  • Advertising: Since ads help fund free services, AMP will support a wide range of ad formats and technologies.

What is the AMP Project?

The AMP Project is also opening opportunities to ad partners across the industry; Outbrain, AOL, OpenX, DoubleClick, and AdSense are working within the platform to improve the advertising experience for users and publishers on mobile. The AMP projects also aims to help improve user experience (UX) on mobile devices that will help rich content like videos, animations and graphics load faster. AMP will also work across multiple platforms and devices with seamless execution.

In addition to improving page-loading speed, it is likely to provide a boost in ranking over time. Similar to how Google shows labels for “mobile friendly pages”, AMP pages might possibly get a “fast” label designation, helping boost site rankings even further.

Google announced that their official launch date will be February of 2016. This new development will revolutionize the way we view content on mobile devices, and possibly gain the title as the hottest development in web technology for 2016.

Forward Thinking:

Since AMP will be launching in February 2016, the team here at Kraus Marketing has come up with some conclusions about what AMP will help with. We believe that AMP will:

  • Revolutionize the way we view content on mobile devices
  • All pages that include rich media, animations, videos and graphics will load a t a much faster rate
  • AMP will become the “hottest new website technology” to date

The good thing is that we don’t have to wait until next year (2016) to start implementing AMP, it can be done as of today.

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