Apple News App to Benefit Your Reading Experience

Apple News App to Benefit Your Reading Experience

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Apple News Plans to Revolutionize Your News Reading Experience With A New News App.

Apple recently made an announcement revealing that they are planning to release a news app that will be part of the iOS 9 update this fall. Other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have also announced that they to plan on releasing ‘news hubs’ for their digital communities to access. As we all know, Apple rides on the edge on innovation, and with this new app it seems that they have a lot to offer.

What to Expect

Apple states that this new home-screen app will provide the user with an updated feed of articles gathered from multiple major, news sources such as Fox and CNN. How this will work is Apple has created agreements with these major news publishers, which will allow them to take the top stories and post them to Apple News. Smaller, and independent, publishers are also able to contact Apple and request that they become part of this program if they wish to do so. One of Apple’s goals while releasing this program is to allow the user to have all their news located in one spot.

The Apple News Experience

Apple News is said to create a captivating experience for the user unlike any other news app by doing the following:

  • First, this new app is developed specifically for iPhone and iPad devices. It is designed to offer a print experience on a digital platform.
  • Second, the new app will generate articles that you have interest in. So, when you begin to read articles about business, technology, and sports you will receive more articles from these categories to your news feed. The more articles you read, the more personalized your account will become.
  • Finally, Apple News is not relying on algorithms to determine what articles are related to each other. What Apple has done is they have hired a group of editors that will group certain articles, and decide what articles are relevant to one another.

What Could This Lead To?

Some publishers may be nervous about how the release of this app will affect them. There are some that believe they will actually lose their normal quantity of readers because of Apple News. This is because, currently, when you check the news from your mobile device on an app such as Fox News, you read an article and, if you have time, you can click on another article in the Fox app. The key point of this is that you are staying in the Fox app reading more of Fox’s articles. What publishers fear is that when the consumer begins to use Apple News, they are less likely to read more articles published by them because the app will present the user with other articles written by various news publishers.

Many people these days use their mobile devices to branch out and explore new things. One downfall of the Apple News app could be that Apple decides what articles are interesting to you, meaning that you will only see articles in one or two categories. This could also cause people to miss important stories that arise in news categories they do not receive like breaking news.

On the bright side, there is a chance for publishers to generate income from advertisements through Apple News. Apple has promised to give publishers 100% of revenue made by ads that the publisher themselves sell. If Apple creates an ad on the publisher’s news page the publisher will keep 70% of money made, and Apple will receive 30%. Apple is planning to have this app automatically downloaded onto all mobile platforms when iOS 9 is released this fall. The chance for new users to begin to engage in this easy-to-use app is somewhat likely.

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