A Guide to Blogging Basics

A Guide to Blogging Basics

A Guide to Blogging Basics 850 350 Kraus Marketing

Blogging has become an essential component to your business.

Blogging has gained popularity and momentum amongst businesses over the past few years. Blogging is a popular media platform that allows many to organize, release and communicate their ideas to the marketplace and the world. However, the word “blog” continues to carry negative connotations because many still believe a blog’s content to be trivial.

However, many people are unaware that they are already reading blogs on a daily basis. When they scroll through their Facebook News Feed and they see and click on an interesting article from Buzzfeed or The Huffington Post, yet they are unaware that those are in fact blogs. Even newspapers such as Business Insider or The New York Times have a blog that is constantly updated.

If you ask any marketer, they will tell you that content creation is a key component to all marketing strategies. A well-written blog from a large or small company is an excellent marketing tool because it is a form of authentic, relevant information for your readers. Blogs are not going away anytime soon, and it is not longer a “nice-to-have” feature.

The Benefits of Blogging

Regardless if you are a small family-owned business or an enterprise-level corporation, blogging has its benefits. Here are a three ways that blogging can help your brand:

Blogging helps establish authority:

The best blogs answer common questions that consumers have. By constantly updating your blog with well-written articles that contain quality content, your readers will begin to see you as an excellent source of information. As a result, you will be able to develop stronger trust between you and your readers, which will cause your audience to view you as a leader in your industry.

Blogging drives traffic to your website:

If you are providing quality content for your customers, you can promote your blog articles on your various social media platforms. If you create and interesting post with beautiful visuals, this will give your followers on social media a reason to visit your website. Also, if you post inbound links within the blog article, traffic will be driven to specific landing pages within your website. This, in turn, creates the opportunity to convert that traffic into potential leads for your company. So if you aren’t already, make sure you share your blog posts on social networking sites like Facebook.

Blogging will increase your SEO:

Blogging is a fast and easy to way to improve your SEO. Again, if you are producing great content and updating your blog regularly, then you will create a diverse audience you see you as an industry leader and will be more likely to share your posts on social media. This will increase your organic traffic to your site, which still thus increase your SERPs.

What Should You Blog About?

When starting a blog, the most common question is “What do I write about?” Marketers often struggle with content ideas because they know they simply cannot promote their organization or products exclusively. It is important to review your company’s goals and objects and ask yourself “Who do I want to reach?” If the answer is potential or existing customers, you need to create posts that they will find interesting or answers questions or concerns they might have. If you are authentic and provide valuable information, then there is a higher chance that you will be able to expand your audience.

One mistake that new bloggers make is attempting to write a range of topics that is too diverse. Your blog must have focus so it is better to start with a narrow set of subjects and then slowly expand in the future. You also need to find a topic that you are passionate about and are familiar with. Do not blog about a subject simply because there is a potential to make money with the post. If you have little to no interest in a subject, your writing might appear that way and the blog article might feel forced, and your readers will able to tell. Again, be authentic.

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