8 Tips to Help Utilize Twitter For Business

8 Tips to Help Utilize Twitter For Business

8 Tips to Help Utilize Twitter For Business 2560 1702 Kraus Marketing

Use these simple Twitter tips to help your brand grow.

The use of social media has exploded over the past decade, especially social networking sites. More businesses are beginning to understand the power of using social media in their marketing strategy. Twitter, when used and maintained correctly, can bring many benefits to a company such as increased sales, create a stronger relationship with customers, offer the ability to stay on top of breaking news and boost your SEO rankings. Here are 8 tips to develop an effective and Twitter page.

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Create an Account

Setting up a profile is a relatively easy process. Whether you download the mobile app or visit the site on your desktop, it is important that you include all the essential information about your brand. Don’t forget to include an appropriate profile picture, a banner image, and a link to your website.

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Start Following Others

Do not randomly follow people. Instead, follow people who interest you such as industry leaders or important news sources. This will help you remain knowledgeable about new trends as well as offering you the chance to interact with people who share your expertise or interest.

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Engage With Others

Twitter gives you the chance to favorite and retweet others’ tweets. If you see something that you like, and it is relevant to your business, you should retweet it or even reply with your own thoughts. Also, if another account tweets at you, tweet them back to keep a thoughtful conversation moving.

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Be a Kind Tweeter

WARNING: Do not spam your followers’ newsfeeds! People will quickly unfollow you if you overwhelm them with dozens of tweets per day. Twitter should be used as a conversation platform where you can talk to your fans and share part of your business with them; so limit yourself to only a few tweets each day.

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#Hashtags are used to mark keywords or trending topics. These can help your tweets reach a greater audience and spread your message. Make sure, however, that you do not overuse these. You should try limiting yourself to using only two or three #hashtags in a tweet.

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Direct Messages

This feature allows users to send private messages back and forth. Twitter recently removed the 140-character limit for direct messaging, allowing users to write longer and more thoughtful messages. Make sure not to abuse this feature by constantly trying to sell to your followers. Instead, this feature should be used to further connect with others.

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Gain Followers

You don’t need to have a million followers to be a successful Twitter user. There is no value in followers who do not care about your brand. Instead, focus on attracting followers who enjoy hearing what you have to say, and that are more likely to engage with your tweets. Remember: it’s about quality not quantity!

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Measure Your Results

There are many free analytical tools that allow you to track your Twitter page’s activity. This will help you learn how to better reach your audience by identifying which tweets triggered the most engagement and which ones were lackluster. This, in turn, will help you craft your marketing strategy in the future.

Putting it all together

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that can help a brand build a diverse audience. If done correctly and maintained on a regular basis, over time you should begin to see an increase of awareness to your business, increase conversations and possibly lead to more conversions.

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