Social Proof in Social Media Marketing

Social Proof in Social Media Marketing

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3 Ways to Build Social Proof In Your Campaigns

Now that we are completely immersed in the digital marketing universe, it makes sense that our primary source of content, informational and promotional, takes place on the web. The degree of content absorption has everything to do with trust and reputability. Individuals need to have confidence that what they’re reading is the truth.

From an online standpoint, how we decipher whether something is truthful or not is through social proof. This means that someone before us has stood by a piece of knowledge or promotional material and has given it their stamp of approval. Social proof gives way not only to logical reassurance, but emotional satisfaction as well. So, as a business, how do you achieve this?

Influential Industry Experts

It may be easy for a business owner to get behind their own brand, but what about other well-known reputable sources? Getting a brand ambassador to stand by your message or an individual who is highly knowledgeable in your market is a great idea. As consumers, we want to use the same brands and have the same experiences as those with influential power. We figure, if it’s good enough for them – it’s more than good enough for us. A small, insignificant brand can generate a gargantuan spotlight if placed in the right hands. The social media platforms available today showcase celebrities in a very different light than before. We are seeing them in a normal light, we are seeing them as we see ourselves. So, if we see a celebrity making dinner on a Wednesday night using a particular pasta sauce brand, we may just want to see what all the fuss is about.

Influential Regular Folk

We know how exciting it can be to see a celebrity using the same brands that we do, but what about the rest of us? Customer reviews and testimonials are a sure-fire way to build social proof. If you have the numbers behind your brand, you’re in good shape. Reviews allow you to see real people, just like you, manipulating and enjoying products that could potentially be yours. This also plays on the mindset that everyone else is already in the loop and happy, and you aren’t. The feeling of missing out is big in today’s culture, so it won’t be long before the stragglers catch on.

Influential Partnerships

If you’re an up and coming brand, or you’re offering a new up and coming service, finding a reputable name to stand by you is everything. Powerhouses like Google and Instagram can give your potential customers a peace of mind that even though they’ve never heard of you, they know you have a secured partner. Mention authoritative clients, awards, and collaborations which may help distinguish your brand as a reputable one.

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