Packaging Design Strategies That Work

Packaging Design Strategies That Work

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5 Great Tips to Create Product a Packaging Design That Sell

If you walk into a local grocery store in the United States, the likelihood that you’ll be met with a plethora of options is high. Unless you’re reaching for those tried, tested, and true products you’ve been using for years, looking at walls and walls of packages ranging in size, color, and texture can be overwhelming. On average, grocery stores carry roughly 40,000 products, which means you’ll need to up your packaging design game.

You may be tempted to scribble some designs on a piece of paper, but the development and execution of a successful packaging strategy goes far beyond this. The difference between a product that remains on store shelves indefinitely and one that’s flying off the shelves may come down to strategy. If you’re wondering how to stand out – here’s what we know.

Keep it unique

We’re all unique, so if we see unique packaging, there’s a good chance we’ll be intrigued by it. Once there’s intrigue, there’s an even better possibility that we’ll pick up the product for further exploration. Take a look at your competitors and see what their commonalities are. This would be a good time to go against the grain. You want people to notice there’s something different when their eyes get to your product.

Easy to use

This plays on a product’s functionality. These products are most likely going to go in your pantry at home once they leave the grocery store. Another way to get consumers to consider your product is through practicality. Is it a good size, easy to use, and are you able to enjoy whatever it is to the last drop? Fancy bottles may look pretty, but they may not be convenient when you’re trying to get to the bottom of a jar.

Show variety

There’s a good chance that your brand is not going to be selling only one product. There should be some form of consistency or at least the platform to build on a base product. If you’re planning on carrying multiple flavors of any given product, it would be a nice idea to have some common denominator keeping these products looking cohesive.

Keep it real

It may seem like a good idea to depict your product as perfect, but this is seldom the case. When a brand paints the perfect picture, this only leaves room for disappointment. A frozen pizza will never have the amount of pepperoni as displayed on the box, nor will they be symmetrically placed. If you’re honest with your packaging, consumers will appreciate it more.

Keep it simple

If your packaging has been successful at grabbing consumers’ attention, you now have even less time to make an impact and answer some very important questions. You need to answer which brand you stand behind and what it is you’re selling. This means you need to keep it simple. Too many bells and whistles will drive their attention elsewhere, ultimately looking for another brand that’s better equipped at answering their questions.

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