How Portfolio Pieces Unearth the Potential of a Marketing Agency

How Portfolio Pieces Unearth the Potential of a Marketing Agency

How Portfolio Pieces Unearth the Potential of a Marketing Agency 1080 558 Kraus Marketing

4 Reasons to Ask for Portfolio Pieces Before Signing with a Marketing Agency

With so many budding marketing organizations sprouting in the prolific soil of the digital age, how can one best narrow down which one is right for their specific needs and goals?

One efficient way to expertly assess the landscape is to explore the unique portfolio pieces of each agency. For those unaware, these prized portfolio pieces delineate a crystal-clear picture of an agency’s aptitudes, design, and success. Below we magnify why it’s imperative to request portfolio pieces before riding off into the sunset with a marketing agency.


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1) To Fathom Their Radius of Services

Not all marketing agencies are created equal. Frequently, one marketing house picks up the slack that others drop by sliding in extra services and amenities. Hence, leafing through a thick portfolio of your anticipated agency gives you an idea of the depth of their services in areas like SEO, content marketing, videography, paid advertising, website design, and so on. What’s more, if you’re solely involving a marketing group to assist with a specific task, confirm they have definite samples that overlap with your goals. Doing so will help sand down any grandstanding outliers.

2) To Gauge Their Legitimacy

It’s never wise to trust a business at their word without proof of their follow through. While many businesses have moral intentions, some companies will purposely mislead you. Keep your feet on the ground and avoid being swept away with sweet talk by requesting their portfolio pieces upfront. You’ll gain insight on the types of clients and success they have and if their business objectives align with yours. Nonetheless, if their pieces are subpar or don’t reflect your industry, you may want to think twice before funneling your hard-earned money towards this hub. Can they live up to expectations? You’ll be the judge.

3) To Assess Craftmanship and Creativity

As stated previously, each marketing firm’s style can be polar opposites when compared against each other. When flicking through a business’ portfolio, pay attention to detail, aesthetics, and consistency across all projects. Remember, a durable portfolio exhibits the precise qualities and proficiencies an agency will likely mimic to craft your imminent marketing initiatives. If you’re content with the manner they conduct and complete work, it’s a surefire sign to consider moving forward with them.

4) Verify Results and Success Stories

Think about this: How often do you hunt down a business online and immediately scroll down to their customer reviews? The same principle applies when selecting a marketing agency. Portfolio pieces offer a glimpse into the agency’s track record of success. Look for concrete results, such as increased website traffic, higher conversion rates, or improved brand awareness. Pay attention to any success stories or case studies that demonstrate the agency’s ability to achieve tangible outcomes for their clients. By verifying their results, you can gain confidence in their capabilities and make an informed decision about partnering with them.

Check out some of our most eye-catching and campaign driven pieces in our established portfolio.

Portfolio Pieces from a Pioneering Marketing Agency

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