Brands Taking a Stance: Good or Bad Idea?

Brands Taking a Stance: Good or Bad Idea?

Brands Taking a Stance: Good or Bad Idea? 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

Should Your Brand Take a Stance? Here’s How & When

Brands taking a stance on major issues has increasingly become more prevalent in their marketing tactics. Consumers no longer want to support companies that remain silent on issues they believe in. However, since there are many risks that come with brands taking a stance, it’s crucial for your business to know what to avoid when doing so.

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The Benefits of Brands Taking a Stance

If done rights, brands taking a stance can benefit greatly from the messaging they produce. It can boost their business and garner more attention from audiences they would have otherwise not reached. It can also build up the connection with current consumers and establish a longer-lasting connection. When consumers see brands taking a stance, there’s a chance they promote the business’ message, sharing it with those around them.

What to Avoid for Brands Taking a Stance

With more brands taking a stance on major topics, some consumers aren’t fully convinced if they’re sincere. This leads to lack of trust between brands and consumers. The best way to avoid this risk is by picking a stance that aligns with your brand’s messaging, mission statement, voice, etc. Don’t blindly follow a cause just because other big brands are doing so, or consumers may think your company is solely trying to attract more business without any regard to the issue at hand.

Here are some of our tips to help brands taking a stance make the right decisions.

How to Pick the Right Topic

Deciding which topic to support is the first step for any brand taking a stance. We recommend picking an issue that relates to your brand’s values and mission, or the industry that your business is in. This helps add credibility and will allow consumers to understand why you’re taking a stance, since there are previously established connections.

Consider Your Consumers’ Beliefs

Another aspect of taking a stance is building up connections with your consumers. When picking a topic to support, it helps to consider what issues your own audience supports. This allows for an intersection between benefiting your brand’s mission of taking a stance and establishing a shared interest with your current consumers.

Create a Genuine Message Around Your Stance

One of your goals when taking a stance should be to develop a message that correlates with your brand. Supporting a cause that relates to your business’ industry will be more genuine and garner more positive attention from consumers, rather than appearing to jump on a bandwagon. Having a strong message related to your specific expertise can also differentiate you from any brands taking a stance for purely monetary reasons, and boost consumers’ trust in your business.

Consider Partnering with Others

Another way to establish credibility when taking a stance is to work with others who share the same views. This can expand your brand to a wider audience and further educate your current one. Some companies partner with influencers who can speak out about specific issues while at the same time helping a business promote its product or services. Collaborating with a non-profit organization is another impactful action brands can take to better share resources and relevant information.

Capturing relevant information about customers, fans, followers, and friends enable us to create more personalized interactions.

Learn How Brands Taking a Stance Thrive

Once you’ve decided your company should join other brands in taking a stance, we recommend partnering with a trusted agency to start marketing your message. Kraus Marketing can help you develop a plan that best fits your brand’s message. Contact us today to get started!

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