New Logo, Who Dis? – How to Design a New Logo for Your Business

New Logo, Who Dis? – How to Design a New Logo for Your Business

New Logo, Who Dis? – How to Design a New Logo for Your Business 2121 1414 Kraus Marketing

New Logo, Who Dis?

How to Design a New Logo for Your Business

There’s something about golden arches that will stand the test of time— the same applies to a piece of fruit missing a bite. Without naming these companies, you know exactly who we’re talking about. That’s because they’ve chosen logos that, even with updates over time, are fantastic representations of their brand and almost synonymous with their company’s name. Designing a logo, or even a logo update, is a tricky task to complete—you want to ensure your customers know who you are while also keeping up with the times. Say goodbye to outdated branding with these five tips for spring-cleaning your logo that’ll have you saying “New Logo, who dis?”

  • Focus on Something Unashamedly You

A good logo will showcase your company—it will be something only your company can claim. To stand out—not stick out—you need to focus on something specific to showcase. A busy logo will easily get lost.

  • Trendy=Spendy

As tempting as it is to update your logo to match the latest trends, it’s important to keep in mind that trends are not built to last. If you make your logo too trendy, you’ll find you’ll need to update it more often. Do your wallet a favor and focus on lasting designs that will last much longer than leg warmers or the Harlem Shake.

  • Balance Art with Science

Your need to find common ground and make the two play nice: a logo needs creativity, but there is required research to help you pick the perfect color scheme, shape, and more (just be sure to pick one that is still unique). The proper balance of art and science will help the success of a logo design.

  • Keep It Going

Once you design your logo, periodically evaluate it so it does not become stale. A little update every so often will save you from having to do a complete overhaul down the road. Plus, little changes are easier for your audience to handle.

  • Show It Off

You’ve spent all this time designing (or updating!) the perfect logo, from concept to color and everywhere in between—but no one will know if you don’t show it off! Update your website and social media so they use your new logo. Get your new logo on merchandise and give it away to your employees and clients (matching employee hoodies make a great company Insta post).

Showing off also tells your customers what to look for when looking for your company, especially if you went in a new direction with your logo. They need to know not to ignore this new symbol in a search for their beloved company. Respect your loyal (and new) customers by properly marketing this logo switch.

While it’s tempting to Google “refresh logo” and click on the first logo generator you see, consider utilizing a digital marketing agency like Kraus Marketing. We work with you to develop a logo that is a perfect representation of your company’s brand, utilizing our skillset in design, experience with social media, and expertise in SEO. Contact us today to learn how we can help with everything from a logo update to full-on rebranding.

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