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5 Top Tips for Sticking That Landing-Page

5 Top Tips for Sticking That Landing—Page

Learn to Make the Most Out of Your Website’s Landing Pages

Gymnastics mostly consists of incredible feats of athleticism leaving the audience wondering how any of those tricks are humanly possible, but all those tumbles and flips boil down to the final moment where the gymnast is expected to stick the landing.

The same goes for your website—you put so much time and effort into promotion and ads, but it’s when your audience gets to your website that you need to stick the landing page. Conversions are imperative to the success of a campaign, so follow these top five tips to really make your website landing page stand out:

  • Less is More

No really—less copy, fewer links, and an uncomplicated design goes such a long way. Think about the best way to wake someone up in the morning—playing the drums next to their bed will definitely wake them up but it could spell out a day-long bad mood for the sleeper (and, inadvertently, for you). Don’t bombard your visitors with every bit of information, every photo, every link. Pick out the top things you want to include, walk away, and then take another look to make sure you are really down to the minimum. Now you’re ready to build your page.

  • Less is More with Forms, Too

When it comes to conversion, forms are a great way to collect visitor information. A visitor can simply share their email address and get access to all of your future offers—and now you have a core list to share your offers with. While you may want to know as much as possible about your visitor, save your nosier questions for later. When a visitor needs to tell you their life story just to download an eBook, it is very unlikely you’ll get a high conversion rate despite your great offer.

  • Build Visitor’s Trust

Building trust generally takes years of friendship. However, you can build trust on a website landing page by utilizing certain images and paying attention to their placement. Do you belong to a trade organization? Make sure to put their logo on your landing page. Do you have any accreditations or endorsements? Be sure to include accompanying logos or badges. Testimonials also build trust with your visitors.

Be sure to proudly display your endorsements on your landing page, and look to see where such words and images would best be used. Do you have a product that’s so revolutionary it’s borderline unbelievable? Before your visitors can doubt your greatness, be sure to include a testimonial near your product description.

  • Mobile Matters

We’ve mentioned before the utter importance of a mobile-friendly website. Visitors will get to your website from tablets, phones (of varying screen sizes), laptops, and maybe even desktops. Not all website ideas transition well from device to device. Make sure your landing page is as beautiful, simple, and easy-to-use on an iPhone as it is on a laptop.

  • Always Analyze

Redesigning your landing page is a good place to start when it comes to increasing your conversion rate, but without analyzing the performance of the redesign, you won’t know how to keep improving. Websites aren’t static—what works today may be completely outdated in a year—so keeping tabs on the strengths and weaknesses of your landing page will enable you to maintain a successful conversion rate.

Gymnasts dedicate hours in the gym, listening to their coaches and striving for excellence in order to stick their landings. When it comes to your website’s landing page, Kraus Marketing has you covered, whether you’re ready for an engaging redesign or are still stuck on “what is a landing page?”, we are an experienced digital marketing agency skilled in web design, and we’re prepared to do what it takes to improve your conversion rate. Contact us today to learn how we can help you gain valuable conversions from your landing page.