Is Your Product Packaging Working Against You?

Is Your Product Packaging Working Against You?

Is Your Product Packaging Working Against You?1280853 Kraus Marketing

9 Signs You Need to Think About Redesigning Your Product Packaging

When consumers see your product on store shelves or receive it in the mail, the product packaging is their first point of contact with your brand. The packaging should entice them to want to pick it up and learn more about the product, about your brand, and about why they should buy it or be excited to open it. But even great product packaging grows old after a while, and there are many other factors that contribute to the need for a redesign.

Here are 9 signs that you should consider redesigning your product packaging:

It’s outdated and tired.

Unless your product packaging is still a booming success, redesigns should usually be considered every few years, even if it’s small changes to help you continue to stand out. Redesigned product packaging that doesn’t stray too far away from the old design can excite consumers and help drive new sales.

It isn’t eco-friendly.

This is very important to today’s consumers and, obviously, to our planet! If you’re old packaging isn’t eco-friendly, it’s a must that you upgrade to a new design or construction process. Make sure to mention it on the package as well.

There have been changes to the product.

If you’re product has changed in major ways, then so should your product packaging to reflect those changes. Highlight the updates on the packaging and give it a fresh feeling to show consumers that this is, essentially, a new product.

There have been changes to your company.

If you’re company has undergone some major changes, then it might be wise to take a look at your product packaging to see how it could also be brought up to snuff. New logo? Make sure that’s on there. New color scheme? Incorporate them. Your brand image should be consistent and product packaging is a big part of that.

There have been changes or updates to the regulations.

If your product is regulated in some way under legislation, ensure that your packaging is on track with what is required as part of that regulation. This could include any necessary information disclosure on the packaging or certain specifications that need to be shown.

You want to move away from something negative, like a crisis.

If your brand went through some sort of crisis or experienced negative publicity, you’ll want to do what you can to move on from the past. Redesigning your product packaging can help you do this, giving your brand a fresh face for consumers.

Your sales are lagging.

If you’ve noticed a downtick in sales from your product, giving it a refreshed design that is more modern and appealing could intrigue new and old customers enough to put it into their shopping carts.

The competition is closing in.

If you have a lot of competitors with similar packaging for similar products, redesign yours to stand out from the crowd. 

You want to be ready for expansion of your product line.

If you’re planning on eventually expanding your line of products and want consistent packaging, redesign it so that it has the capability to be transformed into a different incarnation of the same skeleton. This will help with recognizability of your brand among many different products and should help with brand awareness and sales.

There are many reasons to consider a redesign for your product packaging, but the reasons above are common and will surely happen to your brand at one point or another. Know that when they do, you can move forward with a new design to redefine your brand image.

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