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Don’t worry, admitting you have a problem is the first step. And there is no time like the present for a little self-evaluation. At Kraus Marketing, we have a 12-step program that takes your website through recovery. What does recovery look like? Picture this: increased brand value, improved user engagement, and more conversions.

Phase 1:


You’ve accepted you need to make changes, now it’s time for Kraus to do our research and UX analysis.

1Phase 1: Contemplation
2Phase 2: Preparation
3Phase 3: Action
4Phase 4: Maintenance

Let’s Quench Your Thirst

Here are 3 steps of our 12-step program

Step 3

Heatmapping User Experience

This is the coolest thing since the Predator hunted Arnold! Users are navigating your website every day, and we can see exactly how they are using it. Based on these findings we can further optimize your UX and prove the findings through A/B testing.

Step 7

Search Engine Ranking Maximization

Are users searching for your products or services, but you’re nowhere to be found? With a solid SEO foundation for your website, you are starting your journey to search engine success. The more visibility, the more clicks and more leads!

Step 10

Dyno Tuning Page Load Times

Feel like users are falling to sleep waiting for your website to load? Trust your gut—users will not wait for anything. You got the click, now lets gas up engagement with faster load times.

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