Why a Custom Logistics Website Design is a Must

Why a Custom Logistics Website Design is a Must

Why a Custom Logistics Website Design is a Must 1500 1000 Kraus Marketing

Get Ahead with a Custom Logistics Website Design

When we think modern, stylistic websites, our minds don’t typically jump to the logistics industry. But we’re here to push that stereotype aside and let you know that no matter your industry, website aesthetic and functionality matter! A website is not only your company’s first impression for many customers, but your chance to make a sale or conversion. So, with that being said, let’s jump into why a customized logistics website design should be your next move.

Benefits of a Custom Logistics Website

Simple Navigation- Your logistics business already works around the clock to expertly manage the demands of your clients and their supply chain needs. Why make your job, or theirs, more difficult with a confusing or outdated web design? Navigating your services, service areas, or contact information shouldn’t be a pain. The idea is to have a sitemap that makes sense- starting with your main navigation, clear title tags, and a natural flow from page to page.

Better SEO- Your new, custom logistics site should be developed with an SEO foundation. This will serve as a basis for leads and increased user traffic. Without SEO, the chances of your website being shown in the SERPs- well- it isn’t great. Not only should the layout and selected imagery be formatted for SEO, but the copy as well. It is key to use keywords your clients will be searching for such as warehouse or facility management, supply chain management, multi-site operations, distribution management, transportation companies, and more. Use your website to target the manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers you are looking to start business with.

Increased Conversions- Let your website do the heavy lifting and aid in your efforts to attract clients. An appealing design, eye-catching graphics, and educational copy can go a long way in credibility and user trust. Try adding a portfolio of big-name clients and brands you have partnered with in the past to showcase what your company can do. The same goes for client testimonials, which can be displayed clearly on your homepage for curious prospects to see.

If your website is lacking, or your just starting out with a digital presence, contact the professionals at Kraus Marketing today. Our designers, developers, and digital strategists are here to kick your logistics business into high gear!

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