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Web Design Agency Talks the Pros of Making Your Static Website Dynamic | NJ, NY

Web Design Agency Talks the Pros of Making Your Static Website Dynamic

So, before we dive into details about why you should make your website dynamic, you may be wondering if you have a static website or not. As a web design agency, we simply recommend printing out the homepage of your website to test it. Aside from the click ability loss, ask yourself if there are any other aspects missing. Did you lose any functionality? If not, then you have yourself a static website.

A static website does not change and typically operates using HTML through a simple webserver. They often lack character or the ability to interact, causing higher bounce rates and lower page visits. A dynamic website uses server-side scripting language to create the pages. Dynamic styles are more common in today’s day and age, so you most likely see them on a daily basis. If you do have a static website, the web developers at Kraus Marketing encourage you to make the switch, which will help to increase your web traffic. Follow some of our pro dynamic website tips and see that it is time to create a website that produces results!

Easy to Update Content

Static websites are more difficult to update as well as time consuming, which will cause much frustration down the line. On the contrary, dynamic sites make it simple to add or alter existing content in any location that has a connection to the web. Plus, multiple users from your company or digital marketing agency can access the website, even those who do not have full web design knowledge. HTML code is not needed to produce new pages or to add content.

To make your website content more appealing to visitors, add interesting images, interactive polls, or even widgets. Without cluttering your website, choose enticing functions to keep users on the page.

Easy to Update Design Layouts

Content is one aspect of keeping a site updated, but the design and layout of the site are just as important and easy to change with dynamic sites. For example, if you wanted to change the address on the footer of each page or the navigation bar at the top, a static website would require the web designers to make the change on each and every page. With a dynamic site, it can all be done at once on the page that contains the file information. Not only does this save you the annoyance of making all those edits, but it also helps to eliminate typos. 

Favored by Search Engines

Due to the ease of updating, your dynamic website will become a favorable option to search engines. Remember that when you work to create a website with dynamic content, you are also working to improve SEO results. Producing fresh content that is relevant and that contains appropriate keywords, helps search engines recognize your pages or blogs. You will thank yourself for the extra effort. Your web traffic will increase and ideally produce leads to your services or product sales. Although it may cost a bit more to initially develop a dynamic site, you will see that ROI.

Do you want your website to be a positive reflection of your business? Kraus Marketing specializes in website designmarketing, and branding. Our team of creative professionals can create an updated, responsive website. Our websites are built on content management systems (CMS), such as WordPress and Magento. Contact our team for more information.