UX Design Tips from a Custom Website Design & Development Agency

UX Design Tips from a Custom Website Design & Development Agency

UX Design Tips from a Custom Website Design & Development Agency 2120 1414 Kraus Marketing

Arguably, your website is the most important asset in your sales and marketing efforts. Do you often receive compliments or hear complaints about how difficult it is to navigate? While a redesign might be necessary, there are a few things you can do in the meantime to improve user experience.

  • Take advantage of white space. Most people may not understand the visual importance of white space. After all, it could be space to advertise more product. However, white space is key to a beautiful layout and design. It helps users focus on your content, without being distracted. Finding a balance between white space and content is necessary to a positive UX.
  • Increase your page speed. 87% of people will abandon your website if it takes longer than 2 seconds to load. To determine your site speed, there are a few free services out there that will inform you of it. One of which is Google, the search engine will also inform you of some tips on how to improve your load time.
  • Bullet your information. Since we live in a multi-tasking world, people are not necessarily reading every single word that is on your site. To account for this, prepare the information in an easy to digest way – bulleted lists. This helps users read the content and find relevant information. If bulleted lists bore you, you don’t necessarily need to use the traditional icons associated with them. Instead, you can create visually appealing icons that represent what the content is about.

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