Upcoming WordPress Update To Improve User Experience

Upcoming WordPress Update To Improve User Experience

Upcoming WordPress Update To Improve User Experience 1280 826 Kraus Marketing

WordPress Update 5.0 Will Help Simplify Content Editing

The end of 2018 anticipates big changes for WordPress as it prepares to launch WordPress 5.0.

A WordPress update is long overdue in this era of constantly advancing technology, but so far, the results from the beta testing aren’t entirely conclusive. However, once finished, this new version seems promising. At this point in the pre-launch, if you’ve heard anything about the new updates, it’s most likely the buzz around the addition of Gutenberg, the soon-to-be editor.

Gutenberg: What’s the Buzz All About?

With the implementation of Gutenberg, WordPress foresees a much more simplified and enjoyable user experience. Ultimately, it’s set to transform the content writing and editing process. As part of the WordPress Core, the new editor is no longer mere content writing. The upgrades provide user-friendly tools that give additional control over content layout.

For users not quite enthused about the WordPress updates and changes, the site will offer a plugin for the classic editor once the 5.0 version goes live. That way, users can remain consistent with the editing system if they’re not ready to learn the new one. But, while it’s human nature to stick with what we know, the potential benefits of Gutenberg could be great incentive to embrace the changes.

Will The WordPress Update Affect Your Business?

The answer is yes, but likely in a very positive way. The makers behind WordPress 5.0 worked diligently on this creation, and it should be of great value to you. However, as with any new platform update, it’s best to hold off on converting your entire site to the new version. There will oftentimes be glitches that need sorting out right from the get-go. Keep in mind, the changes are meant to better assist users, not damage the experience – it’s just best to stay cautious during its beginning stages. Give this new version of WordPress some time to adjust to any changes and perfect any blips in the platform.

If users wish, they can explore Gutenberg right now through a plugin before the changes go live. However, stay open-minded if you try it before it’s finalized since further alterations are probable before launch.

Undoubtedly, your WordPress experience is set to change in future months. Even though content writing, editing, and layout design should enhance, we will tread lightly through its beginning phases. Nonetheless, we are hopeful for the improved creation tools, which grant businesses better opportunities to create, edit, and maintain their site. After all, these changes derive from a mission to efficiently enhance user capabilities.

There’s no need to panic about the upcoming changes. As a full-service marketing agency, we’re perpetually up-to-date on all industry related changes and are here to help. We’ll take ample time to adjust our customers into the new platform, and ensure we don’t hop on board before all the kinks are sorted out. Contact our team today to learn more.

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