Earning Customer Trust Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Earning Customer Trust Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult

Earning Customer Trust Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult 1280 853 Kraus Marketing

Learn How to Earn Customer Trust Despite Being a New Business

As a new business attempting to establish a presence online, it can be hard to attract new customers without any current reputation. It’s important for online purchasing platforms to properly portray their legitimacy. Otherwise, customers may be skeptical when it comes to digital trust.  

Many buyers will search for reviews or ratings before following through with their ecommerce purchase; however, without any reviews yet available, your company needs to garner customer trust in its own way.  

Once you appear reliable and legitimate on your website, customers will have no problem trusting that your services are professional. Here’s a few tips to up your website game: 

Highlight Company Culture 

When you emphasize the humanness behind your company, a level of trust is built between you and your potential customers. Include images and news about recent happenings around your office. Take lifestyle pictures of your products in use. Even upload how-to videos or product reviews. This way, people who are unfamiliar with your company will still be able to tell that there are genuine people backing this line of ecommerce.  

Bring Out Your Voice with Content 

Regular blogging will not only demonstrate your commitment to your industry, but it also provides a relevant source of information for any potential customer. Solid content can help consumers become more familiar with your brand and understand the benefits of the products you are promoting. You can even utilize content to spark an industry-relevant discussion, or provide a platform for users to ask you specific questions. Rich, relevant, and engaging content is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can harness to increase your customer trust level.  

Guarantee Your Return Policy 

Customers will feel more inclined to make an ecommerce purchase when they know there’s no strings attached to their transaction. Guarantee a safe and convenient return policy in the event that a customer is unhappy with your product. A good return policy is viewed as a sign of quality and legitimacy within the ecommerce industry.  

While you’re at it, it’s helpful to display a safety guarantee on your website as well. Many customers are reluctant to give out personal information – especially linked to their bank account. Offering multiple trusted payment options, such as PayPal, will enhance your credibility. Make sure you remind your customers about their maintained confidentiality throughout their payment process to keep their mind at ease.  

Address Comments and Concerns 

Prominently display a contact page for easy customer access. With an available email, phone number, or even a live chat option, users can voice any questions or concerns they have about purchasing throughout your site. Just knowing that your business is open to public contact vamps up your level of customer trust.  


If you’re a new business looking to enhance your digital image, contact the digital professionals at Kraus Marketing and get started on boosting your overall image, and in turn, customer trust.

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