We Love These Cost-Effective Staging Tips

We Love These Cost-Effective Staging Tips

We Love These Cost-Effective Staging Tips1280853 Kraus Marketing

5 Cheap Real Estate Staging Tips For Realtors

Real estate agents have a lot to gain from using social media to promote listings and services. With access to vast audiences through social media, real estate agents are granted the power to bring in targeted potential buyers from all over. And with little to no cost, you can promote your listings via social media. Real estate staging can also build a presence on image sharing platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Here are some cheap real estate staging tips for realtors to employ in their business.

Share Across Multiple Platforms

Image-based social media platforms are a great way for realtors to showcase their work, allowing agents to market their listings. With more and more people turning to social media to find potential properties, it’s important to stay on top of this trend. Take advantage of the multiple types of platforms to diversify your content. You can use Instagram to share a portfolio of staged properties to reel in more clients but use Twitter or Facebook to share text-based, informational posts, or helpful articles. It’s important that you understand which types of media are appropriate to increase overall engagement. Social media can also be useful with networking to find clients, interior design enthusiasts, and inspiration for staging. Pinterest is a great source for sharing and viewing home décor and other aspects of interior design.

Create Video Content

As video content is heavily integrated into social media platforms, the number of users engaging with video content continues to rise. Instagram and Facebook allow for shorter videos or clips, which means the user can view more content, faster. Keeping this in mind, videos of staged homes creates another great way for potential clients to view them in a new, more interactive way. You can capture more dimensions of the space, include music and audio to make it more personal and appealing. You can even display text in your video to showcase more informative details. This method helps potential buyers envision themselves in the property and environment more vividly.

Show Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Another interesting way to use video content is to show all those little extras. Include some footage before an open house, during staging the property, etc. In doing so, your work becomes more transparent, allowing clients to see you in a more trustworthy, reliable light. It’s also just a fun feature for potential buyers to be able to learn more about the listing. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook also allow you to stream live videos.

Utilize Interactive Features

Instagram and Facebook have introduced interactive features called user “stories,” which only appear for 24-hours. After that, the user may choose to save this expired story in their bio for other users to view going forward. These interactive features include polls, open-ended question responses, multiple choice question responses, and even a slide bar that allows users to rate how much they like the image. Realtors can use these features to engage their followers and receive feedback as to what they want to see. This is a great tool for testing reactions to new staging techniques and concepts. Realtors can also use these interactive tools as a way to continually engage their followers with informational content about their work.

Stay in Touch with Former Clients

Of course, we must not forget the intended use of social media, which is to connect with others. Staying in touch with former clients is a great way to receive testimonials for your previous work, expanding your existing professional network. Fostering genuine relationships with former clients can also lead to good word of mouth. It also allows you to follow your listing’s journey. Homeowners want to engage with these kinds of stories. Showing them your success stories can persuade them even more to purchase your listing.

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