How to Use Local Social Media Influencers in Marketing

How to Use Local Social Media Influencers in Marketing

How to Use Local Social Media Influencers in Marketing1280960 Kraus Marketing

The Benefits of Using Local Social Media Influencers

Influencer Marketing is essentially a small-scale celebrity endorsement. Social media influencer marketing is taking popular personalities on social media and having them promote your product or service. It can be overwhelming as a small business to find an influencer that fits your brand and budget, which is where local social media influencers come in. They can give your business a big boost when utilized correctly. Curious to learn more?

What Can Local Social Media Influencers Do?

Local social media influencers can do everything a traditional celebrity endorsement or large-scale influencer can do. They can mention your product in a video, generate posts about your brand, offer promo codes, and even conduct product placement if you desire – minus the high cost of well-known national or global influencers.

How to Find a Local Influencer

When seeking a local social media influencer, you need to start by finding the right one for your business. Make sure to find a relevant influencer to your industry, and someone who directly targets your customers and regional demographic. Here are three things to be on the lookout for in your local influencer search:

Find the right platform.

Pick which social media platforms work best for your business. If you have a predominantly young audience, TikTok or Instagram will likely be a good platform for you. If you have a more well-rounded audience, Facebook will be the best platform for you. If you’re targeting businesses, you can’t go wrong with LinkedIn. From there, research your potential local influencers.

Find who is popular in your area.

This step may require some research on your part. You can start by seeing if any popular local accounts already follow you, which may make starting a partnership easier. It is key you are aware of their following, as well as their level of engagement per post. An account with a huge following and high engagement may be out of your budget. An account with a huge following and no engagement may present itself as ‘spammy.’ Find an influencer with enough popularity to get you noticed, and a fair level of engagement.

Reach out with a business proposition that benefits both of you.

Come up with a proposition that benefits both parties and explain how their audience would benefit from your products or services. Make sure to be clear in your communication with your influencer(s) to ensure a trusting relationship moving forward.

Start Your Local Social Media Influencer Campaign with Kraus Marketing

At Kraus Marketing, we know that utilizing the right local social media influencers can be a massive boost for your company. Contact us today to help you get started with your influencer campaign.

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