Traditional vs. Modern Marketing Tactics

Traditional vs. Modern Marketing Tactics

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Traditional vs. Modern Marketing: How Things Have Changed in the Digital Age

As the internet continues to change our world, many people wonder what the difference is between traditional and modern marketing. While exploring traditional vs. modern marketing, we’ve found that the mission of brands has not changed over the years, but the media used has changed drastically.

The Transition from Traditional to Modern Marketing

Before the internet, a brand had to do a lot more work to get the attention of consumers. The media used included print, billboards, door-to-door sales, product placement, and television and radio commercials. Aside from the available forms of media, there was little a business could do to interact with their consumers, so a company’s product or service had to speak for the company.

Then came the internet and digital marketing, which shaped modern branding and marketing. Today, brands can target smaller, niche markets with more accuracy because it’s easier to find the specific audiences you’re trying to sell to. Internet advertising, social media campaigns, search engine optimization, interactive websites, and email subscriptions are all major players that have made advertising a much more accurate, customized production.

Modern Marketing Brings Clear Analytics & Insights

Traditional marketing was harder to measure. Television ads could measure how many people saw a commercial, newspapers and magazines had their number of subscribers, and billboards had traffic patterns. The problem was, nobody knows who left the room during commercial breaks, who didn’t read that part of the newspaper, or who just wasn’t paying attention to the billboards. Today, digital marketing has much more accurate and measurable analytics. This allows companies to view key details about the success of their campaign, and when things aren’t quite working. From Google Analytics to Facebook Insights, there are a multitude of platforms that measure the success of your efforts.

Traditional vs. Modern Marketing: Pros and Cons

Both traditional and modern marketing have significant advantages, and even some disadvantages. The biggest benefit to traditional was the ability to give someone a tangible product to remember your brand by. One of the most significant disadvantages was that it was harder to measure your branding and marketing’s effectiveness without all of the analytic software we have today.

Modern marketing is more accurate. It is often times more affordable and more engaging. Creating an interactive relationship between brand and consumer creates wonderful brand loyalty. But today, brands are saturated. Today the average consumer is bombarded with so much digital information that information overloads could quickly wear out the consumer. This is why it is key to have a marketing campaign that stands out against competitors without overwhelming the consumer.

Traditional and Modern Marketing Campaigns with Kraus Marketing

At Kraus Marketing, we believe that the best branding includes practices from the traditional and modern approaches – depending on your business. Learn how we can create in-depth strategies that can take your business to the next level. Contact us today.

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