Going Beyond Traditional Instagram Marketing Strategies

Going Beyond Traditional Instagram Marketing Strategies

Going Beyond Traditional Instagram Marketing Strategies 1280 960 Kraus Marketing

How to Utilize Instagram Marketing to its Full Potential

Instagram has come a long way since 2010, when it first made its social media debut. The social networking app started as a mirror to Twitter, instead focusing on sharing images rather than bodies of text. During the early stages of Instagram, there was very limited marketing value to the platform. But that has drastically changed over the past 10 years and the app has proven to be an effective marketing platform. Instagram marketing allows for new audiences to be reached and marketed to through the use of visuals, videos, and messages.

Here are some tips on how to utilize Instagram marketing to your advantage:

Set Your Profile to Business Mode

All brands that are active on Instagram should be using the business profile setting. This setting provides numerous tools that can provide insight to impressions, engagement data, and more. These free tools can help you market to your intended target audience effectively due to the information that will become available to you once you switch your profile settings.

Create Sponsored Ads

Instagram ads have become a major part of Instagram marketing. Instagram allows you to determine how much you’re willing to spend on advertisements through setting an ad budget that works for your brand. This provides brands the opportunity to market to an even larger audience instead of just their own followers.

Utilize Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are very similar to Snapchat stories, as your posts are only available for 24 hours after posting. Differing from Snapchat, Instagram stories can be saved to your brand’s profile as a highlight where your audience can see these saved stories anytime they click your profile. Instagram stories allow you to be more creative with your content without affecting your page’s overall aesthetic. Stories can be used to show behind the scenes content that appeals to your audience, making them feel like they are a part of your brand experience.

Track Follower Engagement

Once your profile is set to the business setting, there is data that will show when your followers are most active. Using this information, your brand should be posting during the day and time that most of your followers will see it. By doing this, more of your audience will be reached, and your post engagement boosted.

Be Interactive

Creating interactive content for your audience will create instant engagement with your brand’s profile. This can be done through the use of interactive hashtags that relate to your brand, hosting live videos, doing giveaways, or using promo codes only given through Instagram. Using these features will keep your followers engaged and supporting your brand.

Instagram is dominating the social media marketing world right now. With all of these tools available, brands have the opportunity to utilize Instagram marketing to their fullest potential. If you’re looking for ways to use social media marketing for your brand, don’t hesitate to reach out to the digital strategists at Kraus Marketing! Contact us today to get started!

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