Facebook E-commerce Updates 2021

Facebook E-commerce Updates 2021

Facebook E-commerce Updates 20211280960 Kraus Marketing

4 Facebook E-commerce Features Have Launched

Facebook has just launched four new e-commerce features to supplement businesses growing online. Many companies have been moving online due to the pandemic, and with the increase in online traffic, Facebook is updating their website to accommodate the increase in both businesses and customers. These new Facebook e-commerce features include:


New advertisements are being launched to give each customer a personal ad experience. The ads are tailored based on what the customer viewed, liked, or purchased. These ads also provide special promotions and offers to select customers based on their interests.

More Shops in More Places

Facebook Shops will make contact between the customer and the business much easier. This app will promote products to the shop tabs of Instagram and Facebook so that businesses have a higher chance of being seen. Accounts for businesses will also be able to link to Instagram and Whatsapp easily.

Customer Reviews

Reviews for products will be implemented more in the new Shops feature on Instagram and Facebook. This will make sharing product reviews easier and more visible to other customers. Within the next year, the feature will be updated so that pictures can be shared as well.

AR Implementation

Facebook has developed a feature where customers can try on products virtually through Augmented Reality. Using the mobile app, the customer can preview what a product will look like before they decide to buy. This feature is limited to beauty products but in the following year will be improved and used for a variety of brands.

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