Enhance Your Website Content with Video Marketing

Enhance Your Website Content with Video Marketing

Enhance Your Website Content with Video Marketing 1500 1000 Kraus Marketing

5 Tips for Using Video Marketing on Your Website

In the world of social media, video is quickly becoming king. Consumers love using video as a way to learn more about brands; they stay longer on websites, are more engaged in the brand, and are more likely to purchase when video is involved. As of 2019, 87% of marketers are using video content to advertise, and its popularity is only rising. Whether this is your first time experimenting with video or you’re looking to give your current content a boost, here are 5 tips to help you enhance your website with video marketing.

Be Prepared

The most important part of creating video marketing is the preparation. A poorly planned video will lead to shoddy execution, which means more time and money spent fixing mistakes and an ineffective final product. Before you call lights, camera, and action, stop to think about your target audience and what you want to convey them. How will you structure the video? What kind of shots do you want to use? How long should it be? What will your script say? It’s essential to have answers to all of these questions before you even think about picking up a camera. Create a detailed plan of what you want to achieve, finalize a script, and communicate with everybody involved in the project before you begin to create a concise, efficient, and specific final product for your website.

Create Good First Impressions

First impressions can make or break your video marketing. The thumbnail you choose for your video is the first thing consumers will see. Choose something attractive that invites attention to get people to click on your video and see what it’s about. But getting consumers to press play is still only half the battle; even after deciding to watch, approximately one fifth of consumers will click away from a video within the first ten seconds. If you want your video to be effective, an engaging hook in the first few seconds is essential to keep consumers interested and watching until the end.

Keep Them Interested and Engaged

Your video marketing should be professional, but it also needs to be engaging. Focus on storytelling to sell your brand and your business to consumers through authenticity and creativity. Make the video interesting and consider using witty transitions or humor to keep things lighthearted and fun. Your video should also match the branding of all your other advertising to help promote the lifestyle your business promises consumers. Lastly, make sure you include a clear call to action at the end of your video: your audience has watched your video to the end, but what now? Keep the momentum going by directing them to different parts of your website or to services you offer to turn a watched video into a conversion.

Consider Multimedia

Consider all the different ways you can make your video creative and engaging. You aren’t bound only to traditional video methods or speaking directly into a camera. Consider using animation to illustrate your point for visual learners and to help consumers envision the services you offer. Using well written and accurate subtitles will make your video accessible to everybody as well as easier to understand in noisy environments. Another option is to layer in some background music or sound effects to make your video more interesting, especially if you’re planning to use graphs, charts, or statistics. Lastly, you can make your video as formal or informal as you want and can incorporate your employees, founder, or even customers. It’s your website, so be creative and have fun with it!

Always Optimize

You’ve planned and shot your video. You chose an interesting thumbnail and engaging hook, stuck to your branding and included a call to action, and kept it creative with multimedia. Everything is ready to be posted to your website, but there’s one last step: optimizing your video for engagement. Now that you’ve done all the hard work, you want to make sure everyone can see it. Be sure to optimize your video for SEO, so that it shows up in search results and generates traffic to your site. Enable video embedding so other websites can post links to your video from their site, increasing the audience you reach. Lastly, be sure to cross-post your video to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to get the word out about your new content. With these five tips, your video is sure to be a success!


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